Readers: Remember this classic?

By: Diane Benjamin

Remind you of democrat controlled cities all last summer?

Original story:

Didn’t Jenn get fired from the YWCA for this post she hurriedly removed from her page?

What will Jenn do when all her people running for the Bloomington Council lose?

Don’t forget she’s their campaign manager::

Law enforcement: You now know where to look if anything happens in Bloomington shortly after the election. I hear they are trying to get people who object to socialism fired. Yep, People First – as long as they are their people.






8 thoughts on “Readers: Remember this classic?

  1. I’ve thought from the beginning that she was/is a whacko!!  People need to wake up & run her out of town!! Ron 

  2. Carrillo – “It is our duty to make it intolerably uncomfortable to do evil.”

  3. Jenn! OUR local Hitler youth minister. MAY she reap WHAT she sows. Maybe sometime that will be HER car, and the cops can’t show up because IDIOTS like her defunded them.
    Jenn, do us ALL a favor and go back!! Since you like socialism so much, I think you’d be MUCH happier there, and so would us!

  4. Although noisy and annoying , Jamona Jenn is just a tool that was used to remove Karen Schmidt from the council. Carillo won’t be re-elected , it’s already been decided.

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