Normal’s Hired Lawyer: Elections don’t matter

By: Diane Benjamin

WGLT did another hit piece on Stan Nord, but as usual they MISSED the story and left out details:

First, just like the lawyer Normal hired to conduct the assault on Joes Stationhouse Pizza, the results were completely predictable.

Second, WGLT claims they obtained a copy of the 7 page page report but didn’t include it in their story. What did they hide from the other 6 1/2 pages?

The only reason this story was leaked to Normal’s favorite media was because I FOIA’d the report. Koos and company had to get their side out (even if it isn’t close to the truth) before I receive it.

I bet most thinking people believe elected representatives should actually represent them. In Normal they aren’t allowed, Normal’s “independent” lawyer confirmed it!

It is now perfectly legal for Trustees to be lied to, like Reece lying to Stan about no westside development to justify the $5 million+ water project. She stated numerous times she knew of nothing in the works. Suddenly Rivian expanding pops out of nowhere. Kevin McCarthy knew, Stan was kept in the dark. See this story:

It is perfectly legal for Chris Koos to tell Pam Reece not to answer Stan’s questions during meetings. If you forgot this one, see this story:

The story has quotes from Kathleen Lorenz. If Koos happens to get reelected he won’t be around long and will recommend the Council pick Lorenz. (just an educated guess)

WGLT takes a turn to the hilarious by reporting Nord’s complaint is all political. Stan has been attacked, left out, and not allowed to represent voters from the beginning. Koos, Reece, and buddies can’t believe Stan got far more votes than the other 8 running against him. If they hate Stan, they hate you too.

The people playing politics is Chris Koos and Pam Reece. I hear she is terrified of working for Mayor Tiritilli.

Help make that happen folks!

Meanwhile, Mayors and City Managers across the state will believe it’s just fine to discriminate against elected representatives they don’t like. Normal’s hired guns declared it. Elections no longer matter.

Add this to the list of why voting out all incumbents is vital.

5 thoughts on “Normal’s Hired Lawyer: Elections don’t matter

  1. So your money’s on Kathy to be stand in for when Koos drops dead or resigns if he manages to get reelected. My money’s on McCarthy. Hopefully the bet won’t even be possible. Vote, Normal. Vote! Koos has got to go.

    Koos’ attorney saying there’s no case here is about as funny as the Responsible Cities PAC endorsing Koos and Straza.


  2. A word to Reese=GET OVER IT! You HAVE been lied to like a college student playing acey-ducey with tequila!
    KOOS don’t know the truth, NOR will he be honest with YOU or ANYONE else that plans on disrupting HIS agenda.
    STAN. KEEP up the GREAT job and DON’T let the SOB’s get you down!

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  3. Yes Troy your comment was deleted. It was more than obvious you are a government employee just wanting to protect your paycheck, not taxpayers. Think your employer will approve of you using a City email address to make that comment? It’s FOIAable.


  4. Your comment was deleted too. The story is about giving information to people the citizens elect. The Council, Koos, and Reece proved from the beginning they weren’t going to work with Stan, maybe you haven’t been paying attention.


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