Why Koos needs GONE

By: Diane Benjamin

The Normal Town Council meeting was thankfully much shorter than usual, but the attacks on Stan Nord continued unabated.

Start with Koos’ secret appointments to Boards and Commission. He has stated in the past appointments can’t be discussed because they are “personnel”. They are volunteers that don’t get paid, they work for citizens, and report to the Council. BUT, citizens can’t know who is appointed until after the Council approves them.

Makes perfect sense? Hardly.

Two years ago voters rejected RC McBride as a Trustee. Last night Koos wanted him reappointed to the Planning Commission. Stan Nord attempted to get these appointments delayed until after the election, remember when Koos left the Connect Transit seat open for close to two years?

What ensued was close to tearful and angry rants by various Trustees against Stan Nord claiming these appointments aren’t political and he was making them political. You can hear Stan’s request around 33:30 and the vitriol directed at him after.

RC McBride is obviously a political appointment. He shares Chris Koos’ ideology and that’s why Koos wanted him reappointed. The Normal swamp if not going to be easy to drain. Of course McBride was approved, Stan voted no on all appointments since a vote can’t be taken on un-named individuals. Those watching has no idea who was being discussed because transparency doesn’t exist in Normal.

Add this to the list of what will change when Koos is tossed: A list of appointments will be available to the council and citizens before a vote takes place. Public servants don’t need to be in the closet and suddenly sprung after a vote.

19:33. Stan Nord brought up spending on the underpass and the information presented here: https://blnnews.com/2021/03/10/what-koos-isnt-saying-in-public/

Stan also questioned the $1,677 paid to Union Pacific Railroad as well as what the mayor and City Manager have submitted as money Normal has to pay for the project. No vote has been taken on funding. McCarthy thinks Stan should just talk to Pam outside a meeting.

Koos showed his intolerance for questions by Stan Nord starting at 25:00. Approving a zoning map was on the agenda, Stan merely wanted to ask staff if it contained any changes the council hadn’t previously voted on. Koos refused to let staff answer the question. Stan told the mayor he doesn’t work for the mayor, City Manager does. Koos was going to let Pam answer, McCarthy called a point of order, lawyer Brian Day claimed the mayor can run the meeting anyway he wants. In other words, with an iron fist. Koos finally allowed Reece to answer the question.

This was a revealing exchange that proves the citizens of Normal need representation that works for them, not Koos.

Koos eventually called Stan out of order for asking questions. Good little Trustees don’t do that.

There was a liquor commission meeting that went long before the council meeting. The actual Town meeting was pretty short.

14 thoughts on “Why Koos needs GONE

  1. I can’t respect someone who can’t answer a tough question without responding like a kindergartner. What a joke. Little men trying to act big when they get a small taste of power. Koos and Renner are both disgraces.

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  2. Why did Scott Preston not second Stan Nord’s motion to move all public comment to the start of the meeting?

    I am beginning to assume their are more hotel bills to be paid?

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      1. Scott Preston is screwed. He would like to be Connie Beard’s replacement and there has been talk in the past of a possible successor to Dan Brady. Fat chance of either happening. He’s about to lose on April 6, big time. He’s an empty suit. For years he was a Koos lap dog, then when he occasionally broke ranks in recent years to try to recreate himself as a conservative, he paid the price by being thrown under the bus by Koos. Now he has no where to go. This should have happened 4 years ago after his hotel room service fiasco, but four years later his chickens have finally come home to roost. Stick a fork in him. He’s done.

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    1. Scott does not support Nord, he never has. Scott is a card carrying Koos Klan supporter. Check his voting record!

      Just because Scott and Kathleen claim they are Republicans does not mean they support Stan. Scott and Kathleen are the 2 biggest republican posers in Normal.

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  3. Kathleen Lorenz is one of the most phony people I have ever seen. That speech by her at 47:20 was so full of feigned indignation. Does she really think that people can’t see right through her? On top of that, she is constantly making snide comments on Stan and Marc’s Facebook pages trying to cover for Koos and the rest of the council. A really pathetic human being.

    And please, everyone vote Ms. Cummings out in the next election. I am sick and tired of seeing her smirks every time Stan says something she doesn’t agree with. Very childish.

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  4. What a PITIFUL batch of “elected representatives” that uptown has!! From Koos being a straight up JERK, to Cummings smiling like shes got her phone on vibrate and Lorenz pulling HER copy of “Meeting Rules” off the shelf like she KNOWS what shes doing. Just a SAD bunch of ???? !!!!
    And mr koos YOU are ELECTED by US, and REPRESENT US, and ANSWER to US the PUBLIC! I sure hope after April 6th, you need NOT bother yourself with THAT FACT! GODSPEED!

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