Proof: Koos appointments are political

By: Diane Benjamin

First, I bet one thing will change when Koos is defeated: Appointments won’t be a secret until after the Council votes to approve them. Bloomington publishes them ahead of time, Normal has to keep their secrets so nobody can object.

Remember the March meeting where Stan Nord questioned why appointments were being made so close to an election?

Stan was attacked by various Trustees for daring to imply the appointments were political. Obviously RC McBride was political, Koos was hurt when RC got defeated for reelection 2 years ago.

Now there is more proof Koos’ appointments are political. He also appointed Rachel Lund, failed candidate for the County Board. You may remember her from this story:

Lund did a video supporting Koos for reelection, very political. This is a screenshot:

Surely this video wasn’t shot on government property!

That would be illegal.

You decide. The pic below is inside Uptown Station. The video is on Koos’ campaign Facebook page if you want to see more background. I hear the Amtrak overhang is visible in one part.

Of course, laws are immaterial these days, but you can vote corruption out of office April 6th.

6 thoughts on “Proof: Koos appointments are political

  1. As soon as I saw that screenshot, I thought “That’s inside the city hall building!” I work at ISU and we have mandatory training every year that reinforces “No campaigning on government property!”
    But if Koos doesn’t care about Open Meetings Act, or using taxpayer funds wisely, or allowing other elected officials to try to work for the people instead of The Plan, I don’t see what break another law matters. (Besides, if he does manage to win, he can time his health-related resignation to go through right before he’s officially cited, just like he’s done with the Public Comment Policy multiple times!)

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  2. Pretty boy preston, marxist mccarthy and chumperley needs to be defeated in addition to kooskoos. I noticed in the town council debate, that mccarthy & cummings were behaving nicely. How weird is that? During council meetings they are more themselves: condescending, rude, etc. BTW, after chinabiden got in office, several people appointed by President Trump were asked to resign. Mayor Tiritilli needs to do that too.

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    1. The one to watch out for imo is AJ Zimmerman. He’s lawyer, so he knows how to talk a Great game. If I didn’t know he was solidly in the Koos camp, and spouting half-truths to support the Koos party line, he’d have my vote based on his talking points.


  3. Koos could care less about laws and rules. He is the king of Normal and goes by the philosophy that the King can do no wrong. Unfortunately the town manager, town attorney, police chief, and the entire council bow and support every illegal thing he does. It makes no difference if campaigning on government property were legal or not. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!!! We live in corrupt Illinois. No official or police department will ever turn on a corrupt democrat.


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