Shoving through O’Neil

By: Diane Benjamin

After years of discussing what to do with O’Neil pool City Manager Gleason wants to have a vote next Monday to proceed with the plan presented last night.

Even though the two west side aldermen didn’t bother to show up to hear about the project, full steam ahead!

The current skate park and basketball courts need to be destroyed. Eventually the basketball courts will be replaced. A new skate park will be built. Since one of the justifications used was to keep kids out of trouble by giving them something to do, how does removing current activities help? Construction could start in September and be completed in time to open next Memorial Day.

Speaking of Memorial Day, this complex will be open from then until Labor Day. The spray park might even be fenced off to keep revenue flowing. Parks and Rec will be looking at scholarships for area kids who can’t afford all this lavishness. Keep the cost in mind for the extremely limited use of most of the new construction. Estimated life span is 30 years. $11.5 to $11.7 million investment.

What is included?

  • Lap pool
  • Activities Pool
  • Plunge Pool
  • Lazy River
  • Tower and water slide
  • Diving Boards
  • Skate Park
  • Splash pad

Possible future adds:

  • Dog park
  • Batting cages
  • Pickleball, tennis, and basketball courts
  • More water slides
  • shelters
  • Adventure island and bridge

City Manager Tim Gleason at 47:55: Bloomington deserves this, the west side deserves this. Gleason also mentioned the Council will change after the April 6th election. Sounds like he wants a bow on this before new members object.

Renner had a Cheshire cat smile for most of the meeting. He was in the Council chambers instead of his house. He must have been trying to redeem his image after his performance at the last 2 meetings.

Normally an informal vote is taken at Committee of the Whole meetings on whether to continue. None was taken last night. Gleason claimed he would send an email to the Council with possible trims to the total cost.

They could have just provided a really nice pool and repaired or freshened existing amenities. Government never does the obvious. Future maintenance costs weren’t mentioned but solar panels were. A bond will be taken out to cover the cost they can’t find grant money to cover. (bankrupt State of Illinois)

2 thoughts on “Shoving through O’Neil

  1. The demonrats are planning maintaining the stolen election and passing election law that virtually continues their power. WIth that, the Demented Biden/Hairass administration will bail out the blue states via the red states. Succession is just around the corner unless the duly elected rise from the dead and take their rightful places.

  2. And this money coming from where? Not bloomington businesses they are still struggling to survive. Taxpayers? You bet. See your taxes go through roof to pay for the boondoggle. Good thing bloomington has no issues with sub standard streets and infrastructure ooops yes they do.

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