Heard this before?

By: Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington City Council heard a presentation on O’Neil pool and park last night. Price tag is now $11.5-11.7 million. It is much more than replacing a pool.

The two aldermen representing the west side were absent: Mollie Ward and Jenn Carrillo.

Start with these few words we’ve heard before, much more later:

3 thoughts on “Heard this before?

  1. “This would be low uh or no cost ah impact to our residents.” You’re right Diane, sounds like a broken record. So who’s paying for it then? Huh? Gleason is full of crap. I call bullshit! AND Carillo misses another meeting. She misses alot of meetings. Renner lookin’ mighty pale in that still. Sicko? Well yeah, pyscho for sure. Ugh!

  2. YEAH I SECOND THAT!! When they played “gabbin gleason” last eve on the news, and he stated they’ll sell bonds and it won’t cost the taxpayers a cent !!
    So WHERE do these NUMB NUTS think the bond money comes from??

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