“People 1st Coalition” isn’t for people

By: Diane Benjamin

Hate unwanted phone calls and texts?

These candidates are making them with faulty lists. If the goal is to reach like minded people, they failed:

A reader got a text addressed to somebody else that included this link: https://www.onepeoplescampaign.org/whoweare

Even though the text asked if they knew an election was coming for Ward 3 (Halbert), the link is full of old information about Trump and the defeated Fair Tax. The person who received the text doesn’t live in Ward 3.

People 1st Coalition is just another name for One People’s campaign, Meet the Board of Directors:









See all the CHICAGO’s?

Chicago has been trying to turn McLean County blue for quite a few years now. The four running for the Bloomington City Council are supported by Chicago progressives (socialists).

Since few residents bother to vote, on April 7th Chicago could be running Bloomington.

Only the residents of Bloomington can end this nonsense. Vote April 6th or early.

9 thoughts on ““People 1st Coalition” isn’t for people

  1. Since when is Jen a Honorable?  God I want to vomit. Art Rodriguez AMVETS Member American Legion Member

  2. I believe all of this grew out of Obama’s Organizing for Action group. It is very well organized down to the local level. They provide talking points on issues, instructions on how to hold meetings, how, when and where to address local leaders, what questions to ask, how to word policy initiatives with samples, training, etc.
    As opposed to Republicans that do what???

    “They are the people they have been waiting for”. And they are here.

      1. Interesting. Renner’s Welcoming City Proclamation (remember that?) Was an exact copy of the form used in Portland Oregon’s proclamation and we know where they are now. Probably a form letter from Organizing for Action.

  3. I got a similar text — except for Ward 5.
    FYI – still waiting for my mail-in ballot that the Bloomington Election Commission ‘supposedly’ mailed on March 12.

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