The story that will defeat Koos and his bobbleheads on the Council

By: Diane Benjamin

I’ve written almost 7600 stories since 2012. Most I can not remember, luckily readers do remember. The story below is one readers remembered that I didn’t.

Chris Koos is infamous for his insider deals that benefit friends and a compliant Council that allow the fleecing of taxpayers. I can’t possibly remember all of them, but the one below involves Koos’ good buddy and failed trustee candidate Dave Shields. I only remembered this story because it has been viewed numerous times today by you readers.

Keep in mind Bloomington mayoral candidate Mike Straza helped the failed Shield’s campaign, think Straza isn’t Koos 2.0 for Bloomington?

This one is a must read – from March of 2020:

If you can still vote for Koos and his chosen band of elites after reading that story, you are the problem and a threat to the wallets of everyone in Normal. This isn’t an isolated fleece, it’s part of a huge long pattern.

The names of the bobbleheads have changed, but Koos replaced them with new ones: Lorenz, McCarthy, Cummings, and Preston.

Thanks to the readers who brought this to my attention!

7 thoughts on “The story that will defeat Koos and his bobbleheads on the Council

  1. Yes, but the rock star Chris Koos brought us Rivian. Why yes, our man Chris can hang the moon. Too bad the Pantycrap spelled his name wrong in their endorsement.

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  2. Here are some more insider deals…
    – Sale of $125k of unadvertised property on Vernon for $25K to the wife of town employee.
    – Ohm Fit rental of $160/ with all utilities included
    – Dan Brady’s campaign office with all utilities included and property tax waiver
    – Sprague Service Station – $12/mo rent for apartment and retail space, all utilities, mowing and snow removal included
    – The bar next to DP Dough that got $250k
    – CIRBN employees
    – Yes and no list is complete without Dave Shields property purchase

    People need to stop wasting time complaining about Koos and his giveaways and enjoy the corruption and become besties with Preston, Lorenz, McCarthy, Koos and of course Pam.

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  3. I really hope enough people in this community are paying enough attention for this to matter. On the surface, it seems that Koos has the full support of the local(and not so local) left, and is taking this election far more seriously than the last time he barely remained in office. Maybe I’m wrong, and I hope that I am, but I have little confidence in the citizens of this area at this point in time. I’ll cast my ballot and do my best to convince the people I know, for what that’s worth.

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  4. Shields has made it his job to take Marc T. down. Based on what MT’s wife says, they befriended him in an effort to bridge a gap. He then turns around and stabs them all in the back. He’s a pig in the Koos sty.

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