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By: Diane Benjamin

The document above is from the filings with the State of Illinois. Where did the $4500 this PAC started with come from? We don’t know. Maybe it came from all the people mentioned in this story:

According to their website this PAC was formed in April 2019 – note above. They didn’t file a Statement of Organization until a year later.

The same document shows Michael Straza as Treasurer. He would know where that $4500 came from. He had to resign when he decided to run for Ward 5 and then changed to running for Mayor. Can anyone guess who will be endorsed?

See that document here:

From the Responsible Cities PAC website:

They are progressives. The agenda is constant change using your money. Progressives spent $100,000,000 on Uptown. Progressives built the Coliseum and bought the BCPA. Progressives wants to build an underpass in Uptown when an overpass would have been free. Lead social change? What social change? Squashing voices they don’t want to hear? Social change is a good thing? Government’s job is to “lead” it?

Progressives don’t want to spend your money maintaining what is already built, that is why both cities have a gas tax to fix roads. Remember when the taxes you already paid funded those projects? The progressives have progressed to making you pay more so other dollars can fund their folly.

Sadly we won’t know where current donations, if any, came from before the election. The next filing period covers 1/1/21 – 3/31/21. Since the election is April 6th the reports won’t be available. Instead we have to look at contributions and spending as of 12/31/2020. The spending proves how those they endorse will govern:

These are the reported donors, non-partisan?

As of 12/31/2020 they had $5,087.09 The above is from this website:

Progressives exist in both parties even though many of the above are known democrats. Voters need to know Progressives think they are brilliant and therefore have a right to your money, their agenda, and paying no price for being wrong.

Has anyone paid a price for the Coliseum flop? The never used fire station in Bloomington? The never used water tower in Bloomington? Empty first floor of 1 Uptown Circle? The excessive 2nd floor rent?

Voters must do better. Voting for progressives will cost you money. Start by cleaning house in Normal before the current leadership adds more debt and taxes.

Next, watch for who this PAC endorses. They will point out the progressives they want. They are as “Responsible” as the “Affordable” Cares Act is affordable.






8 thoughts on “More on the Responsible Cities PAC

  1. It’s clear they’re putting all the chips on the table for Straza in Bloomington. Question is, will there be anything left in the money bag for Koos and more importantly, if so, how will he use it? If it’s on surveys and telephone polling they’re wasting their money. I hang up the phone when these guys call me.

    But, I don’t think Koos needs Responsible Cities money. He has enough of his own. What’s going to be interesting is how does this play out in the Council races in Normal? It’s pretty clear Koos wants McMillan, McCarthy and Zimmerman. So, where does that leave Chemberly Cummings? I think Koos is going to end up abandoning her, making him a racist and a sexist.

  2. Totally off topic but I have a question. Why does the city of Bloomington have trucks out plowing with no salt in the back being followed by another large truck with no plow on the front but spreading salt? Can’t the trucks do both? Like the state and county?

  3. The Responsible Cities PAC markets itself so as to appear to be an independent, middle of the road, insightful and forward-looking group. The charming, well-scripted words in their summary are just that. The same goes for Strazas’s broad statements and one-liners on Facebook. In reality, the PAC was set up to protect the elitist clique and the status quo, which is carried about by the lemmings that frequent Chamber and EDC events. They want to preserve tax breaks, handouts, and dealmaking for select people and businesses; protect and continue to fund failures like CT and Uptown Normal that provide a livelihood for their pals; and, ensure that they can continue to centrally plan the community in their image while attacking and blackballing anyone that dare questions their leadership.

    1. Real diversification of the economy was also or has never been seriously considered. That would have threatened Clique members who love living in a status quo world where only they call the shots. Having an insurance and education heavy economy was fine but now you see the result. However, they are not personally affected by downsizing or layoffs so they don’t care. Still plenty of money from grandpa’s trust to live on and eat steak and caviar at the club. Excellent and accurate post by the way. Their life goes on whether street thugs take over the councils or not.

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