Responsible Cities needs to explain how they aren’t Chris Koos’s campaign

By: Diane Benjamin

Refer back to this earlier story:

Who got paid $3,511 for consulting?

Maura Freeman

From the Elect Chris Koos Mayor of Normal Facebook page:

Who is Maura Freeman?

According to her Facebook page:

Facebook friends include Dave Shields (Koos buddy). She “liked” the Marc Tiritilli for Mayor of Normal Facebook page. Spying for Chris Maura?

Her Twitter page is priceless:

Conservative shenanigans? She did go to ISU, wonder if she majored in Women’s Studies?

If you are on Twitter, look at who she follows. It’s hilarious! Ilhan Omar, Adam Schiff, Gavin Newsom, Bernie Sanders, and many more.

One more:

Koos supposedly had $7,856.68 as of 12/31/2020. No contributions or spending have been reported since 2017. Maybe he knows voters won’t see any data until after the April 6th election. What is he hiding? No support or support voters wouldn’t like?

So, Responsible Cities has paid Maura a lot of money. She created Chris Koos’s campaign Facebook page while not living in Normal. It sure looks like Responsible Cities was formed to re-elect Koos. His campaign hasn’t reported any spending to Maura, Responsible Cities has.





11 thoughts on “Responsible Cities needs to explain how they aren’t Chris Koos’s campaign

  1. Straza = Koos = Shields = Hile-Broads = Responsible Cities PAC = “Allergic to conservative shenanigans.”

    I even hear the Republicans are endorsing Straza. Republicans are just plain dumb. They will endorse anyone with a pulse. Even a leftist posing as a conservative. At least you know when the Democrats endorse someone they lean left. With the Republicans, it is a 50:50 shot.

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  2. Looks like she doesn’t even live in Normal. She stopped in for a degree at ISU and hit the bricks. No doubt she was one of several students that voted, directly and indirectly, to increase the debt and everyone’s taxes to keep funding the off-campus college playground that is Uptown…only to leave town.


  3. So the posts on his campaign page are coming from this Maura person and not Koos. This is the same MO for the council diatribes that magically seem to be fed to the council and mayor to read since the hiring of Pam’s minister of propaganda. We can’t get “unspun” truthful info out of this bunch.


  4. I’d say from MY “college days” I’d guess she majored in “High altitude basket weaving” because she rather looks like an airhead to me. Just saying.
    Twenty something? WTH is that? Is she ALREADY worried about looking/getting OLD? Then she ought to stay OUT of politics, as it seems that ANY person elected to office AUTOMATICALLY gets white hair and ages 20 years!
    As for being a “Koos Kronie” Well, birds of a feather, flock together..


  5. The “Responsible Cities” people didn’t get the message yet that the GREAT RESET (technocrat surveillance state after forced economic collapse by fake covid and the Fed) isn’t happening. Will never happen. But they still think it is. And have been planning for it.
    We will find out (eventually) who they’ve been conspiring with up the chain of command. And likely other, let’s say, unsavory things. Especially about Koos. It won’t end well for them.
    Funny story about sleazy AJ Zimmerman. He came to my house TWICE last summer looking for a signature to get on the ballot (he never got it). I played dumb. When I asked him why he was running, he said “to bring people together.” I retorted that that answer was unacceptable and he should just be truthful and tell me what grift he was planning. That made him slink away pretty quick in his Subaru.
    He NEVER ONCE admitted to me that he was the commissioner of the Normal Planning Commission. NOT. ONCE.
    Disingenuous. Sleazy lawyer. Carpetbagger from out west.

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  6. Responsible Cities = fake RIVIAN = new unneeded water line = dirty water in W. Normal
    These are all connected.
    Post to your social accounts esp. to local contractors who have been working out at the Rivian plant.
    Ask them what they’ve been seeing out there.


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