Public Comment YOU need to see

By:  Diane Benjamin

The sharing of Sales Tax with Normal was not discussed at the Council meeting Monday.  Continuing talks were voted down at the meeting before – the Work Session.

Two supporters, a guy from the Chamber of Commerce and another from the Economic Development Council, spoke before two citizens.  You need to hear what Donna Boelen and Gary Lambert said.  Maybe their comments are why pursuing the issue was voted down 5-4.  By the way, Renner was on WJBC today claiming it could be revisited after the 2017 election.

Enjoy citizens saying what a lot of others are probably thinking – just hit play:


11 thoughts on “Public Comment YOU need to see

  1. I’m sure the two men who spoke in favor of the shared taxes were invited by the Mayor–he thanked them by name, after all–not so with the other commenters. Renner didn’t look happy with the nay-sayers. Considering how many followers of this site expressed their dislike of the idea, it is surprising more people didn’t make comments at the Work Session. Where were the citizens who are in favor of the proposal? It is interesting to hear/read that the proposal is not dead–just as you predicted. Apparently 3 council members have been working behind closed to develop the proposal. Guess who they might be! According to the Pantagraph, Koos plans to talk to the Bloomington City Council members one-on-one to force the issue. Renner said he wants to wait until after the the 2017 elections when the political dynamic may change. I hope the citizens vote and publicly voice their opinions loudly and often.

    1. Renner didn’t deny it. I think that is why Renner wants to wait til after the election.

    2. That’s what Koos said last time and then he ran anyway and that election was one that had issues reporting by precinct. Nothing, nothing, and then all of a sudden,,,poof,,,Koos is declared the winner. It’s too bad as a guy by the name of Vic Connor ran against him and would have been an excellent mayor for the town.

  2. Who are the three at the table next to the podium? Is that our local media at work on their cell phones? It’s absolutely hilarious. I can’t stop laughing at them. I had to go back and watch again to listen to what Gary and Donna had to say, because I missed it the first time laughing at them.

      1. Wow! The guy in the blue and orange shirt must be 16

        As for the discussion at hand (getting refocused here): NO taxation without representation

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