Scott Laughlin: Ever get tired of Tari lies?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Scott, how many lies do you need to hear?  Is it fair to your listeners to let Tari spout on the air and pretend he is telling the truth?  Is WJBC city controlled media?  Do facts matter?

Here’s Scott’s latest interview with the illustrious mayor:

Fast forward to 13:00.  Renner claims raising video gaming fees is Cost Recovery.

See this post:

With just 9 months reported, Video Gaming Revenue reported was ABOVE the Revenue budget for the entire year.  This revenue did not exist before video gaming was enacted – easily over a half a million dollars!  What costs are you trying to recover mayor?  Are winners getting robbed?  Are losers throwing beer bottles?  If video gaming is causing mayhem –  instead of raising fees you should ban it!

Around 11:30 Tari claims again the budget only goes up a little over 2% a year and they aren’t doing anything different from what has always been done.

This post shows total spending by year since Renner became Mayor:

2013:  $167 million

2014:  $169.4 million

2015 Budget:  $180.4 million

2016 Budget: $186.3 million

2017 Budget:  206.9 million

Need More?

Tari claimed “Capital projects” are why spending is so much higher.  REALLY?

From Book 1 – 2017. page 14:


Still need more?  In Book 1 of both years:

See General Fund and Coliseum!

2017gen 2016gen

How about spending for some of the departments since 2013?  Where is the 2%+?

bug2Clue:  I know people who quit going to the mayor’s “open house” because he spews the same lines there.

Maybe next time Scott has the Mayor on he can ask him real questions.  I’m not sure why, but some listeners think they are getting real news.

One other hint Scott:  Anytime the mayor mentions GASB, keep in mind he is a political science professor, not an accountant.


16 thoughts on “Scott Laughlin: Ever get tired of Tari lies?

  1. Cost recovery for what? $130,000 downtown police buy back? That is the reason for liquor license increase. The police are doing what they are being paid to do. Property taxes are to pay for their salary and pensions. Is the city planning to increase the police force because of video gaming? At least one of the tax/fee increases voted on in 2013 under the current mayor was to be earmarked for police pensions–remember the special award? Violations come with fines–there is the cost recovery. By tying liquor licenses and gaming fees the mayor is playing “six degrees” from non-sense.
    This is not cost recovery. It is a result of on-going fiscal irresponsibility and poor stewardship of tax dollars.

      1. The police do check for violations on a routine basis. That is part of their job–just like building inspectors.

      2. BPD has never had to respond to any issues regarding video gaming. Renner deceives by attempting guilt by association. A call to any establishment with gaming, for any other reason is good enough for Renner to tie in the gaming. Typical liberal biased lying b.s.

      3. Mudd–I assumed they do because it is part of city code. How foolish of me to think ordinance are enforced in this town.

  2. Once again Diane, home run on your research and your relentless efforts to report the truth. Concerning gaming revenues, all the city does is sit back and collect profits; they are no visible expenses what so ever. Renner like all liberals just can not stand to see a private sector venture operate without government interference and regulations.

  3. You might have warned us that Scott Laughlin gets a sound bite to rub one off to in the beginning. Really. Telling the mayor to take a shower . . . if I was the mayor I’d go down to the studio and kick his ass for that kinda disrespect.

  4. The state regulates the video machines the city does nothing. I have to stick up for Laughlin a little, as I was listening the day the mayor attacked him and the radio station, so I’m sure radio upper management wants the mayor to be on the air every week, so he was most likely told to not play “devil’s advocate” with “tax and spend Tari” anymore.

  5. Would somebody please explain to me how this is different from an organized criminal enterprise engaged in racketeering?

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