Friday special meeting:

By:  Diane Benjamin

The agenda screw-up from last Monday will be fixed Friday at a special meeting of the Bloomington City Council.  They aren’t approving just one liquor license, they are approving two!

Of course, approving the release of the verbatim audio and written account of the illegal Executive Session isn’t on the agenda.

On June 14th I contacted the Attorney General’s office again since my FOIA request was denied.  I have heard nothing from them, if I don’t hear soon I will post their phone number again.

I wonder if the Pantagraph is investigating a REAL violation instead of the alleged one at the Health Department?


3 thoughts on “Friday special meeting:

  1. Sad to even call it a council. More like the “Czar and his ministers” They just go from one bumbling ideal to another, and NEVER touch on the REAL issues. Spending, Taxes, Fees, Roads, Infrastructure, Quality of Life, Solid Waste, Water, NEW business, etc.

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