Your taxes import labor: ISU, U of I

By:  Diane Benjamin

My ancestors came to America penniless and legally – through Ellis Island.  Nobody gave them welfare or paid their way.  They came here to be Americans, nothing hyphenated.  They learned English, just like millions of other legal immigrants.  E pluribus unum  (Out of many one)

The push now is for Diversity.  Think about it, exactly the opposite of how immigrants used to think!  Google Diversity for the definition and root word.  It takes awhile, but eventually the truth is there:,_Embracing_the_Truth

diversityWe are being taught as a nation to DIVIDE ourselves!

Higher education is the worst offender.  ISU and the U of I are both paying legal expenses to import immigrants.

I did a FOIA with the University of Illinois, Urbana campus for legal fees pertaining to immigration:  U of I-Urbana

Note:  This is ONLY legal expenses paid with taxpayer dollars to import workers, other expenses may have been paid too.  From 2014-2015 the U of I paid $22,681.23 to attorneys.

I also FOIA’d Illinois State, as did another citizen.  She asked for all payments to attorneys for 2014-2016:  FOIA Request – Legal Exp

My FOIA was for all payments made to attorneys with any connection to immigration for 2014 and 2015:  legal services-1  (Look at the type of visa:H1-b)

The lists for 2014 and 2015 should have been identical, but they weren’t.  My list for 2014 showed $3,190 more than the 2nd FOIA.

In 2014, ISU Immigration services cost:  $34,648.45

In 2015, my FOIA showed $18,720.00, the other FOIA listed $24,335.24 as immigration

(So much for accuracy responding to FOIA requests!)

All but one charge on my FOIA was for a local law firm:  Dunn Law Firm LLP.

Why is higher Ed paying the legal expenses for immigrants?  Diversity?

Know any students who paid for classes taught by teachers they couldn’t understand?

It’s common knowledge that higher ED isn’t a bastion of conservatism.  Maybe Diversity is the problem.  Your tax dollars are used to import labor from socialist, communist, and Marxist countries.  I had a professor at ISU from a country that practices Sharia Law.

Pull out a quarter, look at the bottom of the front.  It sill says E pluribus unum.

It probably won’t for long, now we are supposed to tolerate anything others believe.  We aren’t “Out of many one” anymore.  Coming to this country to be an American is now too much to ask.  Cultures that violate our beliefs and laws are being re-created here, but we’re told to accept it.

Your tax dollars helped make that happen.

Is it really too much to ask legal immigrants pay their own way here – including legal fees?

(Let the hate comments begin!)




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24 thoughts on “Your taxes import labor: ISU, U of I

  1. The time has come to “Make America Great Again.” I do hope that Trump can make it happen but at least he realizes that it needs to happen and brings it to the conversation.
    The challenge is on, make your vote count come November.


    1. Not that I want to have a conversation with your closed mind Tom but “Making America Great Again” has absolutely nothing to do with racism. I do believe that a major issue of racism is the responsibility of people like you that always brings it up.


    2. Tom-calling someone a racist qualifies as hate speech. There is enough anonymous hate speech on the internet. I don’t like it. I don’t participate in it. And, I don’t promote it. Sharing a well thought out argument would be more appropriate.


      1. lulz @ “well thought out argument”

        I’m not turning blue waiting for that half-wit to come up with one


  2. Diversity, an VERY overused and misunderstood word in TODAY’S language, perhaps maybe we should borrow from Stephen J. Gould and instead study “punctuated equilibria” as IF you don’t fit in, we’ll change or evolve you! And yet, we see SO MANY cultures and ethnicities getting back to their “roots” Native American, Afro American, Hispanic, etc, and yet IF you refer to some of the things that came out of those, you’re a “bigot” “racist” or hate monger. Wonder WHEN ole mother Nature will get bored with it all and bring back the END of the Permian period and schedule a major “die off”?? Only THEN will diversity begin anew. Well, I’m off for the annual “save the” Canadian Gay baby seals convention! Stay cool all!


  3. I believe “Diveristy” is simply a means to control. It is much easier to control us (I.e. pass laws that limit our rights or enriches the few) when we are divided/distracted by our dislike for other groups. Americans are at our best and most powerful when united. If we could get beyond skin color, national origin, sexual orientation, right to marry, what bathroom to use, etc. we could focus on the number of laws, regulations and controls that are chipping away at our fundamental rights. Those 10 fundamental rights are what makes us Americans.

    I believe these educational institutions have good intentions. Who doesn’t benefit from learning how other societies and cultures live? The mistake they make is in insisting that we accept that same culture or society’s values can coexist within America. Too many of these cultures accept the loss of one or more of our 10 fundamental rights (religion, speech, etc.) That can only create conflict. Which is exactly what our current ruling political class thrives and maintains control with.

    By far our biggest problem is we vote for people who are intent on keeping us at each others throats. They tell us what we want to hear and then change nothing. Their best tactic… always blaming the other party for the fact that nothing changes. Of course we fall for it because we have a “choice” called voting, we vote for the one of two corrupt parties in every election. It makes me think of having to chose from death by hanging or firing squad, all ends with same result.

    We are adamant followers of our chosen ideology (Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Christian, Muslim, etc.) without the ability to compromise. We view the politician/leader that gives ground to reach agreement as weak. Americans are attacking each other mercilessly this election year and it is weakening us as a nation. That is the benefit of “diversity” we no longer accept that someone else can have an opposing view. If they don’t agree with us, they are wrong and now they are our enemy.

    If it doesn’t violate one of my 10 fundamental rights then how can they be a threat to me?


  4. Actually the latin root of diversity is diversitas not divertere. Same difference as the English words diversity and divert.


      1. Probably depends on the reason the person is coming to ISU or U of I. Recruited to teach as an expert in their field might include insentives. A student visa should not include any perks just to promote diversity.


  5. It’s an image thing. Some foreign-professors are well known in their fields. If ISU and IU especially can say they have X number of professors as experts in fields of study, they can attract students as well as influence more donations. Some are not professors but valued researchers. If you have ones that are making great breakthroughs or authoring new discoveries, that is more cred and another way to get donors to empty pockets. The legal fee thing is an enticement. There are other universities in the world that attract such professors. America’s universities have some of the most sought after positions. Providing something extra can help. It’s either that or extra money in salary paid by the university which is tax payer funded.

    I am probably in the minority. I don’t care about tax payer money being used to bring foreign academics to the U.S. The function of higher education is to promote learning. Universities want the best and that means looking beyond America sometimes.
    If you have a hard time understanding your professor, communicate through e-mail or the TA. I had one from Sweden. He was probably a Democratic Socialist or right wing Nationalist. He knew computers. I had trouble understanding him at times. I made it work. My ancestors went through hard times also, but they would probably be glad to see there are people who are taught to be welcoming. I think they would like to see the progress rather than the same old stuff they dealt with. It gets old when the someone questions your loyalty to America because you are Catholic.


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