Who cares about downtown Bloomington?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Looks like the business owners do, the City not so much.

Do citizens have to take care of the streets and sidewalks too?

Does this mean Giebelhausen can’t find an investor?

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Cabelas Bargain Cave

6 thoughts on “Who cares about downtown Bloomington?

  1. Giebelhausen can’t find an investor because a downtown hotel/convention center is not a good investment. Weeds are the least of the problems facing the downtown at this time.

  2. Let that hippie liberal who voted for Bernie Sanders know that there’s plenty of weed in Bloomington :0

  3. I think That well manicured area in the last picture is one of those places where private businesses have agreed to maintain. (I haven’t been in that part of downtown for awhile, so please correct me if I’m wrong). Those areas always look nice because the businesses name is on them. That always seemed like a win-win to me. Local Businesses get some advertising and the city gets beautified without spending taxpayer dollars.

  4. Another fine example of, “if ya can’t take care of what ya got, why should ya have more” cause you won’t take care of that either. Still our city streets are full of holes and bumpy as hell. City property is not maintained in so many respects, yet these fools on council want more. Give us more tax money so we can eat for free and take useless trips to D.C. and an assortment of liberal cockroach infested conferences to learn more of the same.

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