TWO City Manager reports posted

By:  Diane Benjamin

Finally somebody at City Hall decided to release information!  Surprise surprise.

February and March both neglected to include anything about the library.  They must have forgotten to count the visitors and distribution since they are under new management.

BCPA for February:

BCPAThat’s 133 people per event.

How about some real data – like how many paying customers attended shows!  The stats released make the BCPA look like a complete waste of money!

March looks even more ridiculous:

bpca2Now we know why the reports were late – EVERY tax projection is ABOVE budget.

This makes raising taxes more difficult, or at least it should.  Unfortunately Tari and company always want more.








  1. Cavewoman says:

    I can’t breath!! The ever-increasing taxes are drowning me!!


  2. This comes as NO surprise for a mayor and council that do EVERYTHING backwards. RAISE taxes THEN spend the money! Wonder WHAT kind of food you would get in a restaurant if you PAID first then got your meal? So we have extra, and WHAT do they do, buy flamingoes! What about poor starving Australian koalas? EVERYONE loves koalas! Maybe we could have dancing bears at the B.C.P.A. as a fundraiser for them and get some rock band with a “dancing bear logo” to do the gig??


  3. And, liquor license fees and video gaming fees NEED to increase,why?


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