Tari: Announce your run for reelection yet?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Luckily I have a huge network of people who want the truth told.  The local media has failed miserably at being government watchdogs.

Below is a post that WAS on Tari’s campaign Facebook page from 2013.  It has since disappeared.  It was sent to me MONTHS ago by a reader who copied it before it was deleted.  I wonder what else got deleted?

RennerIt’s always easier to re-write history than actually do what you promised the voters.

Meanwhile, way too much staff time and money is wasted on everything but the essential services government is charged to provide.

Next April the citizens need to elect a mayor and aldermen who understand government isn’t spending their own money.  They steal every dime from hard-working people and the poor that can’t afford government’s version of utopia.  Tari thinks he is entitled to more and more and more or your money – he isn’t stopping.

Government will never create sustainable economic growth unless they get out of the way.  A political science professor should know that.  Imagine what he is teaching the kids.







  1. Less crowing and more GOING! Ineptness-N.I.O.T.!


  2. “My hope for the election committee meeting on Tuesday is that stickers will be reinstated for Bloomington voters.” Sent to Tari Renner’s personal FB page on April 2, 2016.


  3. If the streets were a mess in 2013 I’m not sure what you would call them in 2016. It’s going to take them years to fix them if they even attempt to try too. They are so far behind doing any repair that it’s pathetic. Yeah Tari sure kept his promises….NOT!


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