CIRA – still violating?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The next meeting of the CIRA (Central Illinois Regional Airport) Board of Commissioners is May 10th.  Since the April meeting, Minutes for January-March have been posted on their website:   See the bottom of “About CIRA”

If you missed previous stories, CIRA was violating the Open Meetings Act by not posting meeting information.  See this story:

The agenda for all meetings must be posted 48 hours before the meeting.  Citizens have a right to know what will be discussed so they can decide whether to attend or not.

Since they figured out how to post other information, I hope to see the agenda added too!

They are trying to comply!  Good for them.

Meanwhile, The City of Bloomington hasn’t posted a City Manager’s report since January 2016, Finance hasn’t posted a report since October of 2015, and nothing has been posted for the Coliseum since 4/30/2015.

Should we just assume the City is in BIG trouble? Is the library traffic continuing to decline making plans for expansion ridiculous?  Are tax receipts tanking?

What should we assume Mayor Transparency?








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