Creve Coeur questions

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last month I wrote about the Federal Government arming local governments.

I included lists of mostly guns that area cities received.  Creve Coeur received many more items.  Their list included all kinds of unusual items, so that made me wonder what happened to the extensive list.

Of course I filed a Freedom of Information Act request for information.  I received a list (on the second try) of CLOSED Property.  Evidently that means property they no longer have.  Several high dollar items are on it that have nothing to do with policing.

If I lived in Creve Coeur, I’d want to know what happened to these items.  If you live there, request an investigation.  Click below to enlarge.





2 thoughts on “Creve Coeur questions

  1. Most unusual stuff! I’m kinda curious WHAT a police agency would need “Pulse Oximeters” for, If someone’s NOT breathing or DEAD, do they stop and take a reading? And to need 14 of them-that’s more then a LOT of Doctors offices have. Of course, one need look further then a GOOD military surplus place and just be AMAZED by the waste and “over ordering” that goes on! I went to the one in Springfield once with a friend. They had like, 5,000 MRE’s on pallets, centrifuges, microscopes, coffee pots, etc. He bought a Gamma Goat of all things! I find ALL this kinda ironic also, what with Chicago having ONE of the highest gun violence rates in the U.S.A, and with the 4th coming soon, fireworks are still illegal!

  2. Oh the irony of the outrage of mass shootings while supplying local law enforcement with military grade fire power–that the government has ongoing gun sales. Couldn’t those guns easily fall into the hands of criminals. Perhaps these communities want to protect themselves from terrorists, but it is hard to stop someone on a suicide mission. I don’t understand the point of these transactions.

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