Breakfast with Superstars

By:  Diane Benjamin

This morning I had a long breakfast with the Edgar County Watchdogs, Kirk Allen and John Kraft.  They call me when they are passing through town.  For some reason they always pick places on the west side to eat, that gives me a chance to see how bad the roads are on a side of town I rarely visit.  The state roads are horrible, but I found the west side roads in better shape than the east side.  Don’t misunderstand, very few roads are in good shape on either side of town.

The Watchdogs are now up to 186 corrupt people who have either been removed from office or removed themselves when ECW shed some sunlight on their activities.  They have done more to clean up Illinois than Lisa Madigan ever has.  Last night they were in Chatham, I heard they ran into Jeff Jergens.  No agenda was posted at a meeting requiring it.  They attended the meeting because citizens were not allowed to speak at previous meetings – also required.  Last night they were.

Kirk and John have been training watchdogs all over Illinois with the help of Americans For Prosperity.  AFP has been trying for MONTHS to set an event in Bloomington working with Ben Yount at Cities 92.9.

Ben must need a kick in the ****, so if you want an event here email him and the station:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Illinois has rampant corruption which the media never investigates and State Attorneys and the Attorney General rarely prosecute.  It’s up to citizens to hold them accountable.

Note to Carlos Robustelli:  You are late asking the County Board to investigate the McLean County Health Department.  The Watchdogs have exposed corruption in many health departments around the state.  Cronies are appointed to the Boards, so they have no fear of anything or anybody.  McLean County is no exception.  I’m sure the corruption goes much deeper than emails.  An annual audit does nothing to expose fraud, think Dixon.  Maybe the County should reconsider who gets appointed to ALL boards.  Should you appoint friends or people who actually care about good government?  Who you pick matters.



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