Thugs on the other side of the bars

By: Diane Benjamin Last week I received a tip concerning chaos that happened at DAT bar in Lexington. The Lexington police gave me the following this morning: (Don’t quit reading!) Adam Deal, age 38 of Pontiac, IL.  Deal was arrested for Aggravated Battery.  The McLean County State Attorney’s also charge him with Mob Action.  Bond […]

See the Pension Problem Here:

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal has 136 retired employees collecting a pension.  The information below is from At Monday’s Council meeting Karyn Smith asked the Finance Director how much employees contribute.  Police and Fire contribute between 9.8 and 9.9%.  Other employees contribute 4.5%.  All will also receive Social Security.  See the video at […]

Bloomington Pensions

By:  Diane Benjamin Citizens need to know why there is no money for government to do their job without constantly raising taxes. Retired employee PENSIONS, in addition to Social Security and Medicare, and spiked pensions are the problem. Below are just some of the Monthly pensions payments retired City employees are currently receiving.  Note, it […]

Open The Books strikes again!

By:  Diane Benjamin NOBODY has done more to force transparency on government than Adam Andrzejewski (An-Gee-eski) and his Open The Books project.  If you aren’t on his email list, you need to be!  Click here: Open the Books has compiled a summary for every taxing body in the State of Illinois.  The entire list […]

Generational Theft Courtesy of the Feds

By:  Diane Benjamin Keep in mind:  the country is $18,000,000,000,000 in debt.  (Trillion – hard to get that many zeros right!) Big banks aren’t lending money to small businesses.  Some banks will lend if the loans are backed by the Small Business Administration, or sometimes the SBA just loans the money themselves.  Everybody knows economic […]