Unit 5 Spending History

By: Diane Benjamin

See this story for MORE information: https://blnnews.com/2022/03/04/unit-5-enrollment-is-decreasing/

Without Open The Books this data would be very difficult to find! Salary information comes from data reported to pension funds. Checkbook data came from Unit 5. If you haven’t heard, Unit 5 wants you to pay more. Unit 5 needs to toss their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion project if they need to save money. It’s a joke and a waste of money.

Unit 5 data

Salaries are not included in the Checkbook numbers.

Wages can be sorted by Year. Below is a link to the 2021 salaries:

Unit 5 2021 Salaries

Top salaries from 2020 are on the left, 2021 is on the right:

2 thoughts on “Unit 5 Spending History

  1. Unit 5’s finance director Martin Hickman, who holds no degree in education, business, accounting, management, or finance, makes more than anyone but the superintendent, AND has run deficits since 2014?

    How? Just, how?

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