Bloomington Pensions

By:  Diane Benjamin

Citizens need to know why there is no money for government to do their job without constantly raising taxes.

Retired employee PENSIONS, in addition to Social Security and Medicare, and spiked pensions are the problem.

Below are just some of the Monthly pensions payments retired City employees are currently receiving.  Note, it doesn’t matter that the first guy is responsible for the Coliseum, the never used Fire Station #5 that leaks, and really bad contracts with developers.  He gets his check every month while the taxpayers pay for his mistakes.

Below are just some of the pensions, the rest can be seen at the link below.  Keep in mind the per capita income in Bloomington is $44,397 (PDF page 193



10 thoughts on “Bloomington Pensions

  1. I don’t think that is an all inclusive list. I know of one person from Parks and Rec who retired last year who is not listed.

  2. I think your article does not give all the facts…If you are a true reporter, there would be more to your story, honestly this is a move Trump would do – to just stir the pot..

    1. What more do you want? They retired, they get paid. The entire list is at the link provided, what part of the story is missing? If you really wanted to, it’s possible to see how much they paid in to get these pensions.

    2. Julie, if you’re so smart, take the ball and run with it. FIll in the blanks you think you’ve found and finish the story that you think needs to be finished. Wow, some peoples’ kids.

  3. I don’t have a problem with someone being able to live comfortably when they retire. $5 – $7k/month is not all that exuberant. Are you under the impression they should be able to live off Social Security and their employer not have an obligation?

    1. I’m under the impression the taxpayers should not have to hold all the risk so they can get a predetermined amount that most taxpayers will never see! 401K – just like the private sector.

  4. A little late to the party here, but….why not eliminate the guaranteed pension and just set their salary for what the position is worth. They can then participate in a 401-K like the private sector and the taxpayer is off the hook.

    The true cost to the taxpayer is approximately double their salary in just pension cost alone. Under the current system most taxpayers do not realize the true cost. Just the way the legislature set it up and are unwilling to address regardless of the cost.

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