Where are Dan Brady and Keith Sommer?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Every ONCE in awhile Springfield does something right.  Bill HR3626 is on its seconding reading (it take 3 before a vote) to clarify the text of the Open Meetings Act.  Illinois law is always written vague, seemingly on purpose.

HR3626 states that citizens can not be limited to speaking (Public Comment) only when the government body allows it – like Normal’s 45 day rule.  It also states that providing an address is not required.

So far this bill only has two sponsors:  Steven Anderson and Sheri Jesiel  (Both Republicans)

At least one citizen of Normal has contacted Dan Brady and Keith Sommer asking them to cosponsor this bill.  He wrote this email to them this morning:

Mr Brady and Mr Sommer,
I need you to either co-sponsor this now or provide to me in writing why you will not do so.  Not doing either is not an option you want on your resume.
I left a message at your offices and you have the original email.  To date I do not see you as co-sponsors and I have not received a reason why not from either of you.  No excuses gentlemen, this is the job you’re elected to do.  Tell me which side of this fence you are on as soon as possible.
Doug Fansler
Mr. Fansler included other documentation in his email.
See the Bill here:  Here

Where is Dan Brady?

Where is Keith Sommer?

Both men were in the House when the last vague language was passed.  These two need to step up and declare whether they work for the people or government!

This one really isn’t tough!  Government supposedly works for the people.  Failing to cosponsor this bill looks as if Brady and Sommer don’t believe that.

Email for Dan Brady:  [email protected]

Email for Keith Sommer:  [email protected]

They must be really busy trying to pass a budget, so maybe they need to hear from you too.




5 thoughts on “Where are Dan Brady and Keith Sommer?

  1. I agree with Mr. Fansler in wanting to know what their position is; however, his tone is a bit too abrupt for me. Since Dan does not seem to review his own email at first pass (have previously emailed him), I don’t know if this would even get through his staffer.

    1. TJ,
      Let’s be clear what the problem is. It’s not Mr. Fansler’s anger or frustration with his government. It’s that his government has chosen to ignore him and a whole lot of others. He SHOULD be angry about that and so should you! Elected representatives need to get thicker skin. If they can’t handle the above email, they’re in the wrong business. Yes or no, do you support this? Give the man a simple answer to his question. Is that too much to ask, three times? If they can’t stand the heat, then they need to get out of the kitchen.

  2. AMEN!!! and the “POOBS” wonder WHY Donald Trump got elected?? Why? He may not be the best we ever had, but he darn sure KNOWS how how to keep us informed!! Seems he can’t even scratch where it itches without the media giving US a full blown report. We’ve heard MORE about Donald in 2 months then we did the last TWO presidents in ALL their term. and YES!! Yeah or NAY Dan!! As they say at the rodeo-Get ON or get OFF!

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