Couple more things from Bloomington last Monday

By: Diane Benjamin

Donna Boelen wanted this on the record, unless you see her Council comment at the end of the meeting it is only on the record for staff. Donna asked again about the updated Intergovernmental Agreement with Connect Transit. Supposedly Bloomington has done their work and it’s sitting in Normal stalled. She shouldn’t have told Tim Gleason he didn’t have to answer now – he was reaching for his microphone! I’d like to know the status too since Connect is a never ending sucker of tax dollars.

Just hit play:

Next, go back to 31:45 for Public Comment. Unlike the Mayor’s instructions that claim comments are the council’s opportunity to listen, I will continue to proclaim Public Comment is for the PUBLIC. Frequently issues are raised proving you are not the only person with the same concerns.

Monday night there were 3 comments ranging from absentee landlords near downtown to the West Market Street Council. You need to hear what the council heard.






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