Why are teachers quitting?

This story is hot on Social Media: https://thechalkboardreview.com/report-615-midwestern-teachers-reveal-why-theyre-really-leaving-the-classroom/

615 verified teachers were surveyed by the writer. I’d love to know if local teachers agree with the results.

By far the biggest reason teachers reported quitting is the behavior of students and administrations refusing to do anything about it. Salary comes in third after progressive politics forced on teachers.

See the rest yourself at link above. No amount of tax increases is going to solve student behavior and the failure of administration to hold them accountable!

Another story worth reading: https://betonit.substack.com/p/school-choice-sorry-i-underrated

6 thoughts on “Why are teachers quitting?

  1. Of course teachers are quitting. When they’re tasked with being the “feelings” police, the “equity” police and the “mask” police — none of which is anywhere near their purview — they’re losing the kids. Fast. As they say in show biz, once you’ve lost your audience, you’ve lost them. And the mask thing was big. The smart kids aren’t watching CNN, they’re online trading vids and information with other kids. They KNEW the mask thing was bogus, and they were making them sick and uncomfortable. Yet they’ve got adults screaming at them to put them over their faces or else — no debate or discussion. Well, those adults would lose my respect, too. And when you lose the smart ones…you’re in trouble.

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  2. Read the book, “Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies that Created the Parkland Shooter and Endanger America’s Students.”
    By Andrew Pollack and Max Eden.
    Andrew’s daughter Meadow Died at Parkland. He wanted to know why?
    Homeschool your children or send them to a good private school. Public schools are NOT safe.

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  3. It is getting harder and harder to stay with the whacked out Union that spends more time and money defending grooming techniques on small children than working for a living wage. You should investigate the Early Childhood Preschool for All Grant in Illinois. All learning is social and emotional. We shouldn’t be actively teaching. If the student wants to play the whole time and never learn anything, that’s great. Administrators are addicted to the money. Kindergarten teachers can immediately peg which students come from the school’s Pre-K and private Pre-K programs within the first few days of school.

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  4. Some really excellent educators in Bloomington Public Schools – offset by greed and pension driven administrators just in it for the pay and benefits (and the chance to boss around children).

    Cut the non classroom teacher positions by half and quit hiring administrators based on their politics , gender and skin color and maybe more than 30% of the students will be able to read after 12th grade.

    .. and about that school board …

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  5. This one is done because of two things. Woke bull crap being forced down our throats and restorative discipline. Doesn’t work worth a damn. I’m out and headed to teach in Florida. Adios republik of Illinois.

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