New Ward Map Approved in Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin

The Council meeting last night was relatively tame. The most friction came from which Ward Map to approve. It will go into effect immediately since petition packets will be distributed at the end of August for the LOCAL election early next year. Map number 2 was chosen 6-3 with Jeff Crabill, Mollie Ward, and Julie Emig voting against it. The discussion starts at 1:27:30. See it on PDF page 182:

The election will be for the EVEN Number Wards – 2, 4, 6, and 8. De Urban (6) claimed she wasn’t going to run when she was appointed. I haven’t heard if Donna Boelen (2), Julie Emig (4), or Jeff Crabill (8) are going to run. Crabill was only elected because nobody else ran. Ward 8 and Bloomington deserve better! Time to step up and RUN! Send me an email and I will connect you with people who can help. [email protected]

I posted this on Facebook yesterday, most people agreed. One claimed separation of church and state is in the 1st Amendment. It isn’t, read it:

Christians sitting out elections offend GOD. As a result we are ruled by heathens. Read Romans 13:1. How do God pleasing people get in office without Christians voting? Separation of Church and State is a myth. America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, quit siting on sidelines and getting run over by evil.

The only other contention was how to spend the Federal windfall. Grant Walsh wanted to add a drop dead date for spending the funds not allocated to infrastructure. After some date the funds would be transferred to infrastructure, that didn’t happen. Spending was approved as presented:

City Manager Tim Gleason promised spending already allocated to infrastructure would not be reduced because of the $9,000,000. Much of that money is going to separating sewers and storm water and preventing future flooding. Walsh also wanted the “buy local” clause removed for infrastructure so more companies could competitively bid and more work could be completed. That also went nowhere, it should however since there aren’t enough local contractors to do all the work needed.

If you want the rest of the meeting, watch it:

One thought on “New Ward Map Approved in Bloomington

  1. The ARP Federal funding has to be obligated by 12/31/24 and spent by 12/31/26. The “drop dead date” is included in the Federal legislation. The item passed was a Resolution which provides flexibility for obligation prior to 12/31/24.

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