Bloomington’s short meeting

By: Diane Benjamin

The regular agenda had NOTHING on it, the Consent Agenda was passed without any discussion. Since the City doesn’t want controversy at meetings, the two on one meetings held before the Council meets are used to pacify objectors.

The video of the meeting is slightly over an hour, half of that was an executive session with a black screen.

It appears the new City policy is not to turn on the camera at the start of meetings. Is that so Alderman Jenna Kearns isn’t on video not saying the Pledge? (Just asking)

Public Comment: See Gary Lambert say what REALLY happened at the Gun Buy Back event that media claimed was very successful – just hit Play. Of course media got their information from the Police Department, not the people who were in the 2 mile long line that never got close to participating.

Also see Dale Naffziger at 11:00 talking about excessive noise from motorcycles and then Surena Fish who organized a meeting on the west side for citizens concerning property taxes. She invited people from the City, nobody showed up.

Now jump to 20:00 to hear Tim Gleason’s version of property taxes. Funny how he talks about the TAX RATE when we are constantly told the rate isn’t set by units of government. Obviously it’s easy to see what the rate will be – he just says the secret part out load.

Gleason is followed by Alderman Nick Becker stating the Safe-T Act hasn’t affected the local jail population because law enforcement was already doing it right.

Becker is followed by Alderman Sheila Montney. Her comments are a MUST SEE. Did you know the library got a grant they used to restore items that had been cut instead of applying it to principal? She will be a NO vote to raise property taxes, it will be interesting to see what the Council socialists do.

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