When the left turns on the left

By: Diane Benjamin

In case you missed it, pro-Palatine protestors crashed the annual Democrat meeting at ISU: https://www.25newsnow.com/2023/11/11/protestors-crash-mclean-county-democratic-fundraising-dinner/?outputType=amp

I doubt County Board member Krystle Able has ever studied Karl Marx, but she supports his policies anyway:

Hint Krystle: Marx was a disgusting human being who lived off other people. He was widely rejected during his lifetime. The only people who now like him are authoritarians who hate capitalism (freedom).

Of course Able had to post pics on her Facebook page:

If you can’t read the top right sign – it calls for the destruction of Israel:

Free Speech allows us to see what elected officials think. Krystle Able supports the terrorists that killed 33 Americans and over 1000 Israelis on October 7th. They raped women, beheaded them, burned children alive, and are holding more than 200 hostages including Americans. These terrorists build under hospitals and schools to use humans as shields. Israel left GAZA in 2005, they are only back because of October 7th.

I could go on, but I will leave it here:

10 thoughts on “When the left turns on the left

  1. Did any of you ever think that you would be afraid to put a sign in your front yard in America.
    A sign that says you Support Israel.
    How sad that we have allowed a certain group of people into the country that want not only Jews but all of us non Muslims dead. They have infiltrated our schools and political positions.
    How sad afraid of some wako being intimidated by your sign and what they may do.

    1. I know it is Diane and a fine one it is too.
      I fear the Muslim issue will become more local, as has Marxist. They both are insidious to the tenth power.

  2. I’m astounded that there’s been so much chatter on this blog about Rivian, council meetings, and tax assessments, and nearly zero about the pro Palestinians that are in our country and our town. The word Islam in Arabic means submit! They are directed by their book to convert, if not then tax, and failing that to kill the infidels. That’s US….Christian, Jew, non-believer, and all the rest. Wake up people, “the camels nose is under the tent”. It’s time to chose sides.

  3. If our Elected Officials can’t afford their own $50 piece of cardboard, maybe we need to be better at voting in adults who make important decisions that actually have a job. Begging for handouts of cardboard cutouts is very sad to watch. What’s next, begging for a sharpie to write on that cardboard??

    1. Maybe you could comment on democrats that encourage violent every murderous anti-Semitism and think “from the river to the sea” (Tlaib) is a viable option for the Jews?

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