Did the City of Bloomington make a campaign contribution?

By: Diane Benjamin

Tax dollars, actually fake money that doesn’t really exist, was given out for this:

I appreciate the local democrats publicly saying they got improvements with tax dollars. Your landlord invested in the PARTY? Taxpayers did but they never agreed! I hope the rent went up substantially.

Do democrats know the Feds spent almost $2 Trillion more than they brought in this year? Nothing can be cut though. Celebrated! The democrat headquarters got remodeled.

One thought on “Did the City of Bloomington make a campaign contribution?

  1. Our tax dollars were confiscated from us through taxes. From us, to the feds, to the state, to the local leftist progressive marxist democrats. That’s how “grants” work. They make it sound as though the benevolent government gave them a gift. Wrong! First that money has to be confiscated from American Citizen Taxpayers.

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