Surprise surprise-Comptroller suddenly has the data

By: Diane Benjamin

Of course the data is now close to moldy. Normal’s is from 3/31/23, Bloomington’s is from 4/30/23. Funny how they both appeared on the same day. Yesterday.

Blomington’s TIF reports are now available too.

Links to the reports – Easy to read data which is why it wasn’t available until now:

Start by clicking on Population, EAV, and Employees

Bloomington’s EAV is substantially higher which means the tax rate should decrease if the City merely wants the same amount of property taxes. Three years of data can be compared with a single click. Look at employees:

Normal’s EAV is up too. Employees:

Part time employees mean benefits and pension expense decrease. Both have more full time employees which increase costs.

I’m surprised the local socialists haven’t complained about the massive increase in part-time employees in Bloomington.

There is a ton of other data. Stay tuned.

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