Like Unit 5 salaries, here’s District 87

By: Diane Benjamin Unit 5 story: The numbers on the graph again come from Open The Books and from the ISBE School Report Card website: Enrollment decreased in 2020 and 2021. Employees increased a lot in 2021, but the average salary crashed. District 87 also needs to report where ESSER Funds were spent. […]

Unit 5 – Did ESSER Funds Inflate Salaries?

By: Diane Benjamin The chart below came from Open The Books. The number of employees and total payroll reported to Teachers Retirement Fund also came from Open The Books. The number of students each year came from this story – note enrollment DECREASED: Average salary is just Math. Even with enrollment down, salaries saw […]

Comptroller BEAT Bloomington!

By:  Diane Benjamin On Saturday I reported the 4/30/17 financial statements for the City of Bloomington still haven’t been released, but the City did submit them to the Comptroller’s office last October: The Comptroller’s office now has them posted:  See them HERE Tons of interesting easy to read info is available, including comparisons for 3 […]

UPDATE: August PCard!

A. Aldag is either a current or former IWU student of Renners.  So, what’s the public purpose here Tari? _____________________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin PCard spending starts on PDF page 124: This is Tari’s “business lunch” as caught by a reader on 8/9 at Rosie’s.  Tari is in the shadows.  Maybe this explain why […]

The Budget Workshop that wasn’t

By:  Diane Benjamin Thanks to Steve Vogel who today mentioned in his weekly column that Bloomington is in a recession.  Moody’s Analytics  reported that in January (and so did I), but the media has been ignoring it. Anyone who attended the Bloomington “Budget Workshop” today would have seen Bloomington is also ignoring that fact.  If […]

Oops, they did it again

By:  Diane Benjamin Last summer I posted pictures of City employees NOT working: I thought they had finally figured out with this story: Consider this lesson #2 in Common Sense vrs Government.  Part #1 was last night: The private sector values productivity.  Employees don’t sit around and get paid for it.  […]

Less employees at the City?

by:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner and David Hales continue to proclaim the City has cut staff.  Judge for yourself: From the payroll report in Bills and Payroll for approval at Monday’s Council meeting: Bi-Weekly Payroll shows 448 employees Weekly Payroll shows 423 employees That’s a total of 871 employees. Some are seasonal, so compare […]

Budget Task Force: Places to look

By:  Diane Benjamin Expecting Renner’s hand-picked budget task force to find cuts is laughable, so here’s some help for them: Salaries make up the largest part of the budget, so obviously every job needs to be assessed for its contribution to the City.  Adding personnel in Administration just means employees discovering vital work to do that […]

How many employees does Bloomington have?

By:  Diane Benjamin Determining how many employees the City of Bloomington has is a problem since the numbers reported often conflict with each other. The mayor and some candidates keep saying Bloomington has severely cut the staff, some candidates (Renner’s picks) want to hire more people. I found a website with the number of employees […]

The REAL story of Bloomington Employees

by:  Diane Benjamin One prominent story the City of Bloomington uses to push for more money is “We cut over 100 jobs”.  It was nice of them to include a chart with the financial statements for the year ending 4/30/14.  The statements will be discussed at tonight’s Council meeting. Here’s the chart:  (click it to […]

Do you appreciate being lied to?

by:  Diane Benjamin See this link from earlier today: Look carefully at the number of employees. 2000      542  Total employees 2011       595   Total employees Yes, the City did shed jobs during the recession – after they exploded the total number! I’ve got more facts for you.  All of […]

Comparing Salaries: Bloomington and Champaign

by:  Diane Benjamin In 2012 the population of Bloomington is listed at 77,733.  Champaign’s population was 82,517 This is a link to the City of Champaign salaries: This is a link to Library salaries in Champaign: Champaign numbers are fiscal year ended 6/30/13 Champaign City Manager Salary:  $194,905 Total employees for City and Library   […]

The Left Attacking Walmart

Read this link for what actual employees say about Walmart:–Mart/Wal-Mart-Salaries-Bonuses-Benefits/t9640 Some good, some bad – isn’t that pretty much what every employee puts up with?  Nobody is forced to work there, even if this email makes it sounds like employees are slaves. Clicking here will automatically add your name to this petition to Walmart […]