Do you appreciate being lied to?

by:  Diane Benjamin

See this link from earlier today:

Look carefully at the number of employees.

2000      542  Total employees

2011       595   Total employees


Yes, the City did shed jobs during the recession – after they exploded the total number!

I’ve got more facts for you.  All of the below is from the Bloomington budget:

2014Employ2These are the City of Bloomington’s numbers!  Employees – 765

Yet, the City continues to complain about shedding jobs:

bug11Where is the reduced staffing?  In 2011 the total number was 595, and now it’s 765!  Bloomington is so understaffed they can’t do their jobs!  Anybody buying it?

But it gets worse.  The taxpayers of Bloomington are being set up for more tax increases:

BloomfutThis is a David Hales chart of future Revenues and Spending.  No surprise that spending is more that revenue.  You are being lied to about employees, so of course they can’t find anything to cut.

One more – David Hales closing statement:


Either MATH or the Truth isn’t on the agenda.  Can somebody ask why 765 employees isn’t enough?


More tax increases on the way!  Elections next year, I wonder if more than 15-20% will bother to show up.

Read the budget yourself.  Many departments are reporting their biggest challenge is low staffing levels.  Maybe staff isn’t allocated to jobs that actually matter.







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