Common Sense vrs Government

By:  Diane Benjamin

Connect Transit held another Board meeting today.  Revenue for the month of May was $136,587.

Expenses were $806,208

Your tax dollars subsidized empty buses!

Ridership was down again – off 9.4%.

The following Facebook post was used with permission:



A Private Sector business owner is intelligent enough to stop when a plan isn’t working.  It’s called personal responsibility.  Aaron didn’t call for a taxpayer-funded bailout.

Since government can flush your tax dollars, they don’t care if it doesn’t work.

Throwing away our money is how government operates on every level – some worse than others.

Connect Transit wants to force you to ride the bus.  The County, Bloomington, and Normal are participating in this charade.

The Revolutionary War was fought over less.




4 thoughts on “Common Sense vrs Government

  1. CT lost $670K for ONE month, and a small businessman with a bus can’t make $1800. WHO’S the BAD mathematician here? Why don’t he sell his bus to CT and they could MAYBE fill it! -they could add the WIFI, cushion & heated seats, and guided tour driver later. That LOSS would BUILD 7 miles of NEW road in ONE year, at a million $ a mile! Something is REALLY wrong here. And that’s NOT to mention ALL the bicycle racks we could put on a CT bus, haul the bike Blogo folks up to the lake and bring em back safely OUT of traffic!!

    1. LOL! And on another note, if a bike BloNo person jumped into the lake, would the rest follow?

  2. Hmm I wonder how much Checker Cab’s 1.5/5 star rating on Facebook and 2/5 star rating on Yelp contributes to his business failures. That and the emergence of Uber in town has been the nail in the coffin. Don’t hate the free market at work!

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