Comptroller BEAT Bloomington!

By:  Diane Benjamin

On Saturday I reported the 4/30/17 financial statements for the City of Bloomington still haven’t been released, but the City did submit them to the Comptroller’s office last October:

The Comptroller’s office now has them posted:  See them HERE

Tons of interesting easy to read info is available, including comparisons for 3 years.

Total employees:  (Before hiring the DBA employees)

2015  583 full time, 42 part time

2016  619 full time, 48 part time

2017  622 full time, 55 part time


2015  77,733

2016  78,730

2017  78,292

Appropriations:  (Total Budget)

2015  $180,426,393

2016  $186,302,469

2017  $207,620,553

EAV – this number matters because it reflects the total value of properties paying Real Estate Taxes.  When the value goes up, property tax bills are higher even if the rate is not increased.  If taxing bodies REALLY wanted flat rates (so you don’t pay more every year), the rate would decrease.

2015  $1,795,475,453

2016  $1,811,618,358

2017  $1,851,302,062

Debt at 4/30/2017 – $3,407.83 per citizen:

More to come!



12 thoughts on “Comptroller BEAT Bloomington!

  1. All these new hire but they won’t hire a city attorney to save us at least $500K pper year. Incompetent and negligent are kind words regarding this mayor and councils report card.


  2. 39 more employees from 2015 to 2017. What in the world? Over 6% increase in employees. What necessitated this increase?! 559 more citizen = 39 more govt workers. This is outrageous! Is the council reviewing the headcounts?


      1. Only because there had to be a budget amendment approved by Council (the positions were not in the FY2018 budget) and the DDD had to be created within the Community Development department by ordinance.


  3. Diana…I tried and failed to figure out how much $$ both cities have been paying yearly to service debt on bonds. With revenue flat, taxes up, and growth down – most citizens like myself want to know how much $$$ is being pumped out of our cities to banks via interest. Are we talking $100, $1000, $10,000, $100,000, or $1,000,000 a year.


  4. I’d be curious to know who’s behind the synchronization of the traffic control lights. It would appear to me they manipulate them to cause traffic to stall and burn more fuel thus more fuel being sold and an increase in their revenue. All the more reason to outsource jobs to those better qualified to do the job. .


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