It’s a secret!

By:  Diane Benjamin

On May 1st when the newly elected Council members were sworn into office the City threw a party.

It didn’t matter the oath they took was illegal.

I received this email this morning from the City Attorney:

Yes, I told him I want copies of the new oaths WITHOUT the signatures redacted!

The new oaths are being given in secret to protect the City from looking incompetent.

The media doesn’t have to report what’s done in secret.   I’m sure they won’t.

If you want the public to know – you have to share this story!

The oaths need to be dated today before tonight’s meetings!





6 thoughts on “It’s a secret!

  1. So is Moe, Larry or Curly in charge at the city government? This would be funny if it wasn’t symptomatic of the general incompetence that we see every day. What other set of professional government officials anywhere else does this sort of stuff? Only in Bloomington IL right? OMG we are really in trouble with these folks in charge.


  2. Of course they aren’t going to do it at a meeting, those rotten crooks don’t want the embarrassment of getting caught. The morning guy on Cities 92.9 really went off this morning about this whole illegal oath strategy of Renner and the newly elected Alderman, wait until he hears this.


  3. They are all delusional. They seriously make me physically ill. Celebrate when they break the law and keep it on the down low when they correct it. And according to Tari, “It’s silly”. I assume he is talking about the law.


  4. Mayor,

    Mayor Renner, very nice touch tonight feigning surprise about the Oath of Office issue. Take some acting lessons because your sincerity was as phony as a three dollar bill. Additionally, the excuse that was given for taking this watered down Oath of Office makes no sense. The Illinois Municipal Code specifically states, and ALWAYS has, is that the verbiage for all Oaths of Office is located in the Illinois Constitution. Why would the City of Bloomington have “old Oath of Office documents” laying around, that excluded the key phrases pledging loyalty to the United States and Illinois Constitutions? The answer is they shouldn’t have Mayor. Those oaths are not legitimate or legal. You are lying, the City Clerk is lying, and the City Attorney is lying. Tonight you mumbled some reference to President Obama that really did make much sense. It is very clear, this was done by design, and the fact that allegedly you and several Alderman were sworn in again using the correct Oaths in PRIVATE, when the opportunity existed to do the swearing-in within public view at the City Council Meeting tonight, raises even more suspicions, if it was in fact done at all. Remember the phrase “Trust but Verify?”With you folks, it’s just “Verify, Verify, Verify. Your words and deeds over the years have earned you zero respect as a governing body.

    Mayor, in one of the videos in the links below, just before you went into an attack on Judy Sterns, you went into a very long rant about how national issues and politics had no place in local politics. You lectured about how local politics should only be concerned about basic needs and services. I urge you to watch your hypocritical self. This Welcoming City Ordinance is a Sanctuary City Ordinance, and it’s a national issue, There is no real difference between the two terms, You changed the name to make it appear as if there is a difference for those you can con, but there is no difference. Why are you dragging a national issue into local politics Mayor? You said yourself on the radio , ICE isn’t dragging illegal aliens off the street. I know the answer Tari, you and your friends on the left are pandering to the left for voters. That’s right. You’re giving these people a false sense of security when you have no authority to protect any illegal alien from being arrested by ICE. In fact, the federal government has targeted 19 Sanctuary Cities to go after, and we have requested the DOJ through AG Sessions Office to add Bloomington as number 20. You and the Council can be criminally charged under federal law for violating federal immigration law by harboring illegal aliens. Remember Professor, Federal Law TRUMPS State and Local Law.

    Since you have chosen to allegedly administer the oath in private, we are going to assume it was not done as you claim until sufficient proof is provided to the public. The fact that you lost the public trust is on you Mayor. Now demand is put on you to prove up that you and the Councilman are in fact duly sworn in accordance with the Constitution of the State of Illinois. Failure to do so will result in further action being taken.

    Kevin S. Gerrard


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