What is the Library Board thinking?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I could be talking about the Bloomington Library Board that thinks moving or adding on is the fiscally responsible thing to do when the only way to get more money for either project is debt and/or tax increases.  It must be immaterial that tax receipts are dropping – progress to bankruptcy must be made!

Actually, this is about the Atlanta Public Library.  I received a FOIA request for the appraisal of the Union Hall building.  This is the building supposedly sold to the library back in 2014.  No payments were ever made, it was written only to qualify for a grant the State now wants repaid – $25,000!    https://blnnews.com/2017/10/31/atlanta-library-return-the-grant/

Did the Library Board come to their senses and realize Bill Thomas is ethically challenged?  Nope.

All summer the Board discussed buying Union Hall for $200,000, just like back in 2014.  The July minutes state an anonymous gift of $20,000 had been received to put towards the purchase.  I wonder where that $20,000 is now?    https://blnnews.com/2017/10/13/the-citizens-of-atlanta-saved-themselves-200000/

Suddenly when the grant was recalled and the terms “fraudulently acquired” were thrown around, Bill Thomas decided to donate the building he was just trying to sell for $200,000.  The appraisal was done by a Pekin firm that doesn’t include Logan County in the appraisal area they cover:    http://www.glasseyandglasseyappraisal.com/OurServiceArea

The appraisal was done in September:  Union Hall Appraisal

The building appraised at a questionable $155,000.  I wonder why the appraisal states multiple addresses:

The “gift deed” Bill Thomas presented to the Library Board states the address is 114 SW Arch Street.  So how much is 114 SW Arch worth by itself?  Is the appraisal Bill’s way of not hacking people off for trying to get $200,000 for a building worth far less?

I bet the IRS will be interested in how much he tries to write off his taxes this year!

The PIN number for the property in the appraisal is listed in the Logan County Assessors office as 120 SW Arch.  Surprise Surprise – for property tax purposes the property value isn’t anywhere close to $155,000!

It’s $44,190

(14,730 x 3)


Looks like O’l Bill has either been paying W A Y too little in property taxes, or the appraisal is W A Y off!

How many “strikes” does Bill Thomas get before the Library Board quits worshiping him?

Does the Library Board want to go down with him?

When is the Board going to take ALL the bank accounts away from Bill?  Nine at last count.  As Treasurer Thomas is still allowed to shuffle money to who knows where!






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