UPDATE: August PCard!

A. Aldag is either a current or former IWU student of Renners.  So, what’s the public purpose here Tari?



By:  Diane Benjamin

PCard spending starts on PDF page 124:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=14720

This is Tari’s “business lunch” as caught by a reader on 8/9 at Rosie’s.  Tari is in the shadows.  Maybe this explain why business meetings aren’t held at City Hall.

Admin spending:

 This is the Tobin’s pizza on 8/14:  

I wonder who took home the left overs?

The McLean County Chamber of Commerce teaches Quality of Life? (Only $900.00)

Did it include YOU getting to keep the money YOU earn!  (yes, that was a joke)

Other spending:

Legal Expenses – $67,000 sent to Springfield:

Just for fun – Bloomington collects Food and Beverage Taxes and then pays Normal their share.  Below is the 3 year history of September payments:

Eating out is still popular!

One more just for fun:

2015 Payroll – 1 Bi-Weekly payroll and 2 weekly payrolls http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=9312

Then, the same for 2017:

2015 Total:  $2,191,651.92

2017 Total:  $2,465,566.86

Difference:  $273,914.94

Just for a two-week period – 2 years apart.

I had to use October for 2015 to find exactly the same payrolls.

Proof the City is hiring more employees (Besides the new DBA employees)!  Salary increases don’t account for more than a 12% increase.



19 thoughts on “UPDATE: August PCard!

      1. The additional charges to the PCard for hotel and meals in Japan are blatant violations of the City policy. Renner was not traveling alone. He can’t blame his administrative assistant for these purchases.

      2. Yes. The host city paid for hotel accommodations for both mayors. It seems these charges were for dinner and hotel for the first evening and the final evening. PCards are not to be used for convenience. Those expenses would need to be pre-approved.

  1. I don’t understand the thing about Bloomington collecting food & beverage taxes and then sending them to Normal. What’s the deal with that?

    1. Collection by Bloomington then “payment” to Normal is one of MANY intergovernmental agreements between Bloomington and Normal. For example, Bloomington collected the taxes for the Metro Zone and “paid” them to Normal.

    1. Well he was a “Miscellaneous Technician” for Bloomington Public Works, that’s why. Surely they are talking about sewers and such cause something stinks.

  2. Looks like another violation of the “PCard ” rule. If you are the mayor just use it as a personal credit card. The taxpayers will understand.

  3. Renner would be hard pressed to prove any of his “business meals” are legitimate because he does not submit any proof on his expense report. He should be documenting the reason for the meeting and a brief sentence or two describing what city business is discussed . Finance is lucky if he lists everyone’s name or even submits a reciept at all. It’s been this way for 4.5 yrs. He constantly lists the the friends and lackeys when he does write down names of people who attended. This same problem exists with David Hales, but to a lessor extent. It has been reported by reliable sources that David often eats at his desk- his secretary sets fine china for him to eat from, and he’s pampered like the king he thinks he is.

    These meal issues have been complained about many times before. They just don’t care! It’s just not lunchs, it includes breakfasts and dinners too. Most of it involves Renner. I guess he and his girlfriend just don’t like to cook. Hales is a donut and breakfast sandwich man. Yep, our tax dollars feed the beasts. Does the State Police care if he squanders public funds illegally? Four and 1/2 yrs of evidence sits right there in City Hall and not one word of any Special Prosecutor. Every criminal investigation involving this mayor STALLS and dies a slow death. Yet, how many people’s lives has this guy either ruined or negatively effected? This city and county is corrupt. Prove me wrong. Indict him and let the evidence be presented, and let a jury decide his fate. He’s no better than any other citizen.

    1. We think along the same lines – and yeah, somehow, I feel like Tarry manages to eat “on us” pretty much every meal one way or another or at least one meal a day – the swamp exists here in Bloomington too, as well as many other cities and towns, it’s not just places like DC and Chicago. I also had a visual of Hales being served at his desk like some sort of chubby little emperor waiting for his feed.

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