Comparing Salaries: Bloomington and Champaign

by:  Diane Benjamin

In 2012 the population of Bloomington is listed at 77,733.  Champaign’s population was 82,517

This is a link to the City of Champaign salaries:

This is a link to Library salaries in Champaign:

Champaign numbers are fiscal year ended 6/30/13

Champaign City Manager Salary:  $194,905

Total employees for City and Library   496 + 108 (Library) = 604

Total Salaries/Benefits paid:  $49,744,466 + 4,174,465  (Library) = $53,918,931

Bloomington City Manager Salary/Benefits:  $ 224,242

Total employees for City and Library  619 (Per David Hales)  Correction:  619 + the 17 new hires

Proposed Salaries/Benefits per Budget proposed:  $64,482,606


Bloomington is paying $10,563,675 more for close to the same number of employees!

Think Bloomington employees are under-paid?  Remember:  Champaign is bigger than Bloomington.

More analysis tomorrow.




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