Oops, they did it again

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last summer I posted pictures of City employees NOT working:



I thought they had finally figured out with this story:

Consider this lesson #2 in Common Sense vrs Government.  Part #1 was last night:  https://blnnews.com/2016/06/28/common-sense-vrs-government/

The private sector values productivity.  Employees don’t sit around and get paid for it.  Employers can always find something that needs to be done, employees who can’t get fired.

That doesn’t apply to government.  Today I found City employees sitting in the same spot as last year doing nothing.  One truck was even running, the air conditioner doesn’t work without it on.

I arrived at 11:15, the trucks were already there.  2 guys sat in one of the trucks until almost 1:00.  I think at that point the guys mowing were switched, then one of the trucks left.  One truck was still sitting there when I left at 1:30, I don’t think anybody was in it.

Government works for government and government employees.  The private sector would never tolerate paying employees to do nothing – that’s because it’s THEIR money being wasted.

Government doesn’t care because they always know where to get more money.  They don’t have to care.


Figure out LIMITED government yet?




11 thoughts on “Oops, they did it again

  1. The city should not own a lawn mower. There are plenty of private lawn services that would love to compete for the mowing and we would not have to worry about city trucks with pension earning employees riding around town.

  2. The city should not be collecting trash and garbage either. The national average for a trash collector is around $36,000 base per year. We are privileged to pay over $55,000 base per year. When I brought this to my alderman’s attention he stated that it would raise the cost of my garbage collection to use a private collector. He uses Tari math, and fails to understand the overall cost would be lower.

  3. The McLean County highway dept was out here taring cracks in the road last week. I wish I had gotten a photo. Two guys were in the lead truck pulling the air compressor. I wondered why the guy in the passenger side was even out there. I never did see him get out and do anything. Maybe he was a backup person just in case one of them got run over.

  4. I feel sorry for the bus drivers. I wonder if any have suffered psychological problems from lack of contact with other people while they drive their mostly empty buses all day long.

  5. Normal USED to have 2 guys, one called “Duck” and they drove a small dump truck, one would read the pantagraph, and the other would drive around, they were PROUD of the fact that they didn’t do ANYTHING till NOON! Then knock off at 3 or so.

  6. Last week I saw workers on 51 laying cones out for lanes. It took two workers. One worker to lay the cones and the other to stand by and watch him!
    Our tax dollars hard at work!

  7. So from what I can see there are two empty trucks with not a single city worker visible. I wonder what they are doing? Oh that’s right, they’re probably working. Your statements carry about as much credibility as me saying I went to Mars last weekend for holidays with the in-laws. Why don’t you do some actual journalism and report that “news nobody reports” with some actual evidence instead of taking pictures of empty work trucks and criticizing people who actually work for a living.

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