Goodbye Transparency

By:  Diane Benjamin

On June 23, 2016 I posted an email from Alderman Hauman questioning why David Hales did a City Manager’s Report:

It looks like Hales agrees and is therefore not compiling the report anymore.  For May, some data is in a folder – most is missing:

I’m sure posting real information, like tax receipts to date and library traffic, makes their job more difficult.  Raising taxes is hard if receipts are above budget.  Maybe tax receipts are dropping because the unemployment rate is up, that makes non-essential spending more difficult.

Taxpayers are now in the dark.  Maybe library traffic is so bad citizens would balk at building an addition.  Maybe the purpose for hiding tax receipts is the upcoming campaigns.  Citizens aren’t entitled to data when an election is coming.

It’s way past time for concerned citizens to step up and run for office.  These aldermen are up for reelection – if they choose to run again.

Kevin Lower  Ward 1

Mboka Mwilambwe  Ward 3

Joni Painter  Ward 5

Scott Black  Ward 7

Jim Fruin  Ward 9

and Mayor

Lupe Diaz has declared he is running in Ward 5.

Bloomington is NOT a liberal progressive community, but that’s who got elected in the last election because too many people didn’t vote.

If you love tax increases, repeat the process next April.

Email me if you have an interest in running:  [email protected]


10 thoughts on “Goodbye Transparency

  1. That monthly manager’s report cost a lot to publish and VERY few people read it even if they even knew it existed. Those special awards for reporting are bought through application and membership–not cheap, either. Printing costs are substantial especially if no one bothers to read the report. That is not to say the report should not be available on-line. Perhaps, the department heads determined the “bean counting” was taking too much employee time. If the Council made the decision to do away with reporting or Hales is no longer producing the report because of ONE alderman’s request, that is just wrong. The information in those reports should be considered essential for making prudent fiscal choices.


      1. Don’t ask me to provide a link–would take too much time to go back and research. The printing cost is part of the membership “package.” As I remember the cost was about $10,000.00


  2. Oh wait till the Rule of My Minions memoirs is published after Renner moves on to the Rotten Politicians Hall of Blame, Chapter One: Transparency – Deceive to Achieve.


  3. As I was instructing my students regarding political strength one must take advantage to gain advantage I explain this in my upcoming book, Rule of My Minions, memoirs by the professor aggressor. Chapter Two: Advantage – Take It to Gain It.


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