Free Lunches DO exist!

By:  Diane Benjamin

On June 26th I told you about Tari’s lunches with nobody listed as eating with him.  Common sense would reveal that a business lunch should be at least 2 people.  Here’s the story:

Either City Hall is sick of his spending or the FOIA people are about to leave for a long weekend because I got the receipts I asked for today.  (that’s earlier than required by law)

(Click on any of pics to enlarge)

This receipts shows two people at the table, but we still don’t know who the second one was:









This receipts says two people too, but it looks like one of them didn’t eat anything:  tari2









Another receipt that says 2 people, but the receipt isn’t clear. Usually the name of who the lunch was with is written somewhere, so either there wasn’t a second person or it’s a secret. Tari3








The next receipt is missing. Tari4









This one has a name – Barbara something:







Now, back to no name:












Did you business lunch include cutting a burrito in half?

Yes Virgina, there is a Santa Claus.  (taxpayers)





10 thoughts on “Free Lunches DO exist!

  1. Plus, notice how the tax was deleted on the lunch at Rosies, and the Taqueria El Porton didn’t charge any tax either.

    1. No tax, yeah, good point Stan. Hey Tari if you are reading this you are a jerk. Sorry for the name calling but it put a smile on my face.

    2. The City’s expenses are tax exempt. If Renner eats out at “business lunches,” he can avoid paying taxes on his personal entertainment.

  2. Not in MY town. Note how he tips better at the “upscale” joints, but I guess he doesn’t FEEL as though he has to tip the GOOD Mexican place as high a percentage!! Guess I’ll leave more next time as a good citizen, and they have such good food. And for a mayor, his handwriting leaves MUCH to be improved on-especially a professor???

  3. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) should be considered to describe our mayor. Check it out. Yeah it looks like he might be psycho!

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