Black’s “conservative tour”

By:  Diane Benjamin

Campaigning for reelection has begun for Alderman Black.  Yesterday he was on Cities 92.9 with two people supposedly from the Illinois Policy Institute.  I’ve never heard of either of them, in fact they never said their last names while I was listening.  Scott had them totally snowed into believing he was a young guy fighting for freedom.

Listen here:

Here’s some facts to kick off your campaign Scott.

Defending freedom isn’t listed.

6/14/16:  Black votes to continue talks on Tax sharing with Normal

9/21/15  Voted for the 1% Sales Tax increase  The minutes have NEVER been brought for approval   Lower and Mwilambwe were the only NO votes.  Agenda:

All three below can be seen here:

Voted for the .04 a gallon gas tax  (NEW Tax)

Voted for the 4% Amusement Tax  (NEW Tax)

Voted for the Utilities Tax increase

Voted for the massive spending increases in the current budget:

Voted for continuing exploring the Giebelhausen downtown redevelopment project:

Same meeting as above, voted to buy 807 N Main property for $1,400,000 for no other reason than to control development.

Voted to buy the Sugar Creek Packing property for $245,000:

Voted to raise garbage fees:  It failed at this meeting.

I’m sure readers can remember other anti-freedom agenda items Black supported, Anything guys?

My favorite email received under FOIA (by accident):





Don’t forget that Black was on the Budget Task Force, it turned out to be the Budget TAX force.

If you listened to the interview, the hosts made a big deal about Black being 25 when he was elected.  They missed it when Scott said he had been on the County Board.  Don’t forget, he was elected to the Board but QUIT to be with Renner on the City Council.

Amend your definition of Freedom Scott:  Include government not using taxpayer money to subsidize their agenda and redistribute wealth.

One more thing Scott:  Conservatives don’t raise taxes because taking more money from people is no different than lowering their salary.  Your actions stole from the poor and made the middle class a little poorer.  You have nothing to show for the theft.  Explain that to your Ward.

16 thoughts on “Black’s “conservative tour”

  1. Excuse me, Mr Black. the blog you’re referring to has “traction” with people “of note.” Mainly…..voters and people you’re supposed to represent. I don’t much appreciate you looking down your nose at people who are vocal in their disagreement with you. Reminds me of someone else – are you trying to emulate the professor? As a young guy, I wouldn’t think the professor is one I’d want to attach my name to. But that’s just me….and I’m not “of note.”


    1. This clown is from Aurora and has no more idea about the needs and problems with people on the west side of Bloomington than Roseanne Barr. He has aspirations of much higher offices but has learned that in order to get elected around this community you have to pose as a conservative in order to get into office. I can think of many adjectives to describe Scott Black but in mixed company the words “brown nose” is quite appropriate.


    2. He is emulating Tari who emulates Obama, who thinks all American voters are stupid unless you vote for him ! Monkey see Monkey do ! ( I apologize to the monkey’s out there for comparison)


  2. First of all, I am disappointed that “Watchdog Radio” did not ask any difficult questions. Instead there was much fawning.
    Mr. Black represents Ward 7, one of the poorest areas of the City. Those tax increases he voted in favor of have the most negative impact on the working poor. I can’t remember Mr. Black voting against any item on the agenda regardless of the cost. He is “absolutely in favor” (his words, not mine) of Complete Streets. Will that benefit the people who live in his Ward along West Market or just his neighborhood which is near downtown? He voted in favor of Bring It On Bloomington and B/N Advantage (only 2% of the population was surveyed).
    He spoke of bring all perspectives to the table and yet he publicly degrades anyone, especially fellow council members, who disagree with him. Remember, he championed limiting Public Comment along with the Mayor and Alderwoman Hauman.
    Is he a public servant or a narcissist?


  3. Let is also be known that Scott Black does NOT return e-mails or phone calls from constituents with problems and concerns. Black has the distinction of having the highest number of streets closures for water main breaks, sewer repairs, crumbling streets, and the fewest and poorest curbs and sidewalks in the city. Scott Black is a political up and comer who is using this council seat as a spring board, resume’ builder for a lifetime career in politics. He is a direct understudy of Tone Deaf Tari Renner and ran for this council seat at Renner’s insistence with Renner’s assistance. As with Amelia Buragas when she announced her bid for her ward Black is once again playing the conservative card when as Diane has chronicled, his record is as big spending progressive as it can get.


  4. I have never heard Alderman Black talk about freedom. Only more regulation, more taxes, more government intervention. So I have many, many times heard him speak of less freedom.


  5. periodically mr black and mr hales come into Panera south and chat for an hour plus…never see anyone else with them or them with anyone else at anytime



  6. WOW! Our OWN Hillary “wanna be” A political opportunist! Hope he don’t have any RISING aspirations, even as an alderman, he leaves MUCH to be desired, and TRUTH is just one facet!


  7. No traction! This site is my most favorite news source! Nobody is doing real investigative journalism anymore except Diane. I also love the censor free comments from other members of our community. Scott Black is an eloquent politician who is good at explaining why we should keep doing the same thing and expect better results.


  8. If your blog has no traction with anyone of note, what does that say about all the hits from city hall? It certainly must have traction or else they wouldn’t bother reading it.


  9. Scott Black works at Afni. I know a few people that work there and they say that everybody HATES the man, they say he is an arrogant prick. If your coworkers hate you, that says a lot about your character.


    1. Scott Black, with a degree in political science and gets a job at AFNI, in the HR dept. Somebody must have pulled some strings to get him a job there. What a Loser! If not for the IWU vote, my dog could beat Mr. I-Am-Better-Than-You in a general election.


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