The REAL story of Bloomington Employees

by:  Diane Benjamin

One prominent story the City of Bloomington uses to push for more money is “We cut over 100 jobs”.  It was nice of them to include a chart with the financial statements for the year ending 4/30/14.  The statements will be discussed at tonight’s Council meeting.

Here’s the chart:  (click it to enlarge)

I highlighted a few lines.

The pencil pushers (City Manager) was cut from 14 and now back to 7.         Net (7)

Recreation was cut from 26 to 5                                                                           Net (21)

Golf was cut from 40 to 9                                                                                       Net (31)

Refuse collection turned into solid waste                                                             Net (19)

BCPA cut from 53 to 11                                                                                           Net (42)

Total employees cut = 120

Police and Fire are relatively stable, do you miss the employees that got cut?




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