Council: The media won’t report this!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight the Council voted to NOT buy the 4 acres by McGraw Park for use by Central Catholic High School as a practice football field.   Jim Fruin recused himself, the vote was unanimous.

At the first meeting there was much hand-wringing about accepting $750,000 from a bankrupt state.  Some aldermen stated that somebody else will take it if Bloomington doesn’t.  Some stated it won’t be used to pay down the State of Illinois’s massive debt and unfunded liabilities.

Tonight there was a new twist!  The Council was informed that “time was of the essence” because Gov Quinn is out of office in January.  The grant may not be available under the new governor.

Hummmmm.  Wouldn’t that mean the $750,000 would go back to the State and therefore be available for things like paying past-due bills or paying down debt?  If new Gov. Rauner cancels all unspent grant money in January, wouldn’t that be a good thing for beginning to salvage Illinois’s finances?

NOT spending the money didn’t dawn on a single aldermen, the Mayor, or City Manager.  Most were in a big rush to find a new project that can be approved quickly so the money can be pocketed.  A list of possible projects was considered, I’m sure something will be on the table by next meeting.

I wonder if they really meant all that hand-wring.  Evidently dangling money throws fiscal responsibility out the window.





2 thoughts on “Council: The media won’t report this!

  1. It’s borrowed money. The underlying basis for borrowing was for capital purposes. It can’t be operationalized. That’s the way I understand it.


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