Carrillo thinks she’s the speech police

By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Remember the song by Cher:  Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves?

Remember the TLC show:  My Big Fat American Gypsy wedding?

Suddenly the far left has decided gypsy isn’t an acceptable word.  It’s RACIST!

This is on the Facebook page for Bloomington Normal Restaurant Scene announcing a new eatery downtown:

speech police

It looks like one of the owners of this new place in downtown Bloomington is afraid of the speech police:


It should never be acceptable to change the rules to fit your purposes Jenn.  Have you talked to Cher or TLC?

There aren’t 58 or 85 genders, it’s hard to keep track.  There are two.  If you can’t tell which one you are, ask somebody.

Everyone should refuse to comply with this ridiculous PC crap.  Declare abuse by leftists over.

Whatever this restaurant is, I don’t plan on ever eating there.  Since it’s downtown it will cater to the Jenn types of Bloomington.  Besides, I would never frequent an establishment that caves this easily to political correctness.

Maybe Jenn can publish a banned word book so we know which words offend her.  We know alderman does.


36 thoughts on “Carrillo thinks she’s the speech police

  1. First Amendment protection even if you don’t like what you hear/read. Let them boycott. Jenn’s actions are not good business practice for downtown redevelopment.
    Where is her concern with the Mayor’s racist remarks? His behavior has a negative effect on business investment.

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  2. She doesn’t even know what a Gypsy is. Does she know the origin? NO I take offense to this racist action. Stick o your own complicated identity crisis.


  3. I’ve QUIT going to a restaurant that had a Jen for council poster on the counter, as I found that offensive “What about me”
    As for Gypsy, I sure though Stevie Nicks looked pretty good when she dressed the part! And SHE’S the ONLY WOMAN in the rock hall of fame TWICE! Fleetwood Mac, and by herself!

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  4. Complete and utter insanity from a SJW who thinks she can bully everyone into conforming to HER demands. These people are a threat to free speech and our democracy. No word from Jenn on her Mayor’s remarks? “My personal favorite, that might not be Angela’s personal favorite, would be Clarence Thomas. He sure does not behave like someone who is African-American from my perspective.” Mayor Little Man… how do African-Americans usually act? Where are you on this SJW Jenn the No Gender Alter-human?


  5. So glad Jenn has the time to screen business names and threaten owners with a boycott. Yikes! Don’t her actions just make you want to grow/expand or relocate your business to Bloomington? I suspect more business owners will be thinking twice. Why put yourself, your business, customers, and employees in unnecessary peril? This anecdote is not trivial, folks. Do we really think this is a one-off? No way! Jenn and her pressure group supporters will use the Council seat as a platform to attack any business they disagree with or take offense to.

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      1. If the owners decide to keep the name (doubtful at this point), I would be happy to walk past any protesting NPCs & SJWs to spend some money there. I am sure I would not be alone.

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      2. Amen They should not cave in to her. Keep the name and enjoy trouble maker’s like her don’t come to your business. I will enjoy trying it out if you stand up to her and her pack of trouble maker’s.

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    1. Yes this Jenn is our AOC (responsible for killing 25,000 high paying Amazon jobs in NYC) on the city council. She is the very last thing we need in this town right now.

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  6. Look up the meaning of gypsy, it simply means a traveling nomad or a free spirited person. This is not racist for Pete’s sake. I hope the new owners keep the name!

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    1. she wont. she will be forced by pressure from the PC police to change it. I have a great name, but I cant write offensive language online. I have an idea : to keep PC idiots happy just dont give the place a name. put up a black sign .OOPS I mean a color neutral sign.


  7. Guess opera companies will no longer be able to perform Strauss’ “Gypsy Baron”….
    Choirs won’t be able to sing Brahms “Gypsy Songs”.
    Have zoologists renamed the “Gypsy Moth” yet?

    This is ALL about Left wing control and domination. It is a reminder why it is so important for Conservatives to show unity and support ALL the things that make the Radicals crazy–SUVs, bottled water, traditional burial, Confederate Flag, beef and veal, Walmart, Chick-fil-a. Even if one or more of these isn’t “your thing”, stand firm and stand united. And if the Antifa types like Crazy Jenn resort to violence–be ready to “take care of business!”

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  8. There are worse names for a business but since i would be censored I will let your imagination run amok Any business that Jen and her PC idiots will boycott I will certainly make it a point to visit.

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  9. Her behavior will continue until she is defeated in the next election or kicked off the council. In her mind, she is a revolutionary of the 1960’s brand put on this earth to weak havoc because she has no other talents. It is likely her family has at least one member or many members that think like she does. She has been bathed in anti-social behavior and frankly, likes causing trouble because it gets her recognized. She hates all Caucasians that do not think like she does because they are idiots if they don’t. She is likely a clinical sociopath that has serious mental issues that need to be addressed. There is no question she is an anti-white racist of the highest order. She will not be happy until people of color, hopefully Hispanic in her mind, become the dominant population in this country and become it’s rulers. A truly sick and dangerous individual that would be capable of any violent act.

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  10. Jen is NOT a “councilwoman” nor a VOICE of the people, call a spade a spade, she’s a plain old playground BULLY!!
    If you DON’T see things HER way then you have “character defects” in her eyes. Problem is, with people like this, the problem lies in their mirror…And when you Do get the jump on this ilk, YOU’RE the bad guy!

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    1. I am offended by the name Cracker Barrel! They need to change it now! As a person of color (white), I object to the visual imagery of having people of my race in a barrel! It’s 2019 and we should be beyond this kind of racism… Join me later at the “Cracker Barrel” to protest this restaurant.

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  11. There is nothing more terrifying then the government bullying a business like this. If I were the only of Gypsy, I would move my shop out of Bloomington as fast as I can. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the owner has much a backbone.

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  12. Is race-baiting Jenn going to pay for new signage and menus? Jenn… put your money where your big fat mouth is!!!! Ohhh… that’s right… You socialist scum just like to spend other people’s money

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  13. Just like on the National level and now on the global level – the people are taking back their governments and countries. What Diane and we are doing here is being repeated EVERYWHERE. We need to every day stand up to elitist socialists (Mayor Little Man) and Social Justice Warriors (Crazy Jenn). And now for you viewing please (Please share because the left hates NPC memes) NPC University 27


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