Capitalism defeats government

By:  Diane Benjamin

Definition of capitalism:

Making your life better by providing goods or services other people want at a price they will pay.

It is a simple concept that has improved the lives of millions around the globe.  It is color blind and doesn’t care who you sleep with.  It is what made America the place people want to live, they know where prosperity is possible.

It fails when government tries to control the market.  Think Coliseum and BCPA.

Here’s the latest:

A show has been moved from Grossinger Motors Arena to the Castle Theatre:


Casle Thea

Obviously VenuWorks couldn’t sell enough tickets.  The Castle Theatre is sized right for the market, therefore they succeed where the arena fails.

The announcement is from Facebook:

Rejoice that VenuWorks isn’t doing a show with a mostly empty arena.  Good for them.

Note:  Yes I know a previous owner of the Castle received money from the City.  He was not a success – what does that tell you?  As far as I know, the current owners are not receiving any money from taxpayers.  They are just good at what they do:  Giving people what they want at a price they can afford.

Those calling capitalism evil want a Coliseum economy.






16 thoughts on “Capitalism defeats government

  1. Agreed. The Coliseum/Arena itself is proof that the government cannot manage what should otherwise be a private business. It was created, built, and now marketed by government. That means the formula is based on politics, not business acumen i.e. providing a quality service at a fair price while maintaining an eye on the bottom line. Profits aren’t “evil”, they are the discipline that keeps businesses in business. (Remember Amelia’s campaign sound byte in which she stated that it doesn’t matter if the Coliseum breaks even? Wonder if she’d feel the same way about her business or personal finances.) Government needs to stick to the basics such as police, fire, roads. Sadly capitalism remains under constant attack by those who want to dictate what others do by picking the winners and losers in the marketplace. There’s little question that Tari wants to take over Downtown and (like Uptown) decide what businesses are to be granted the “privilege” of operating there. Basically, a bunch of (empty) new buildings in order to hand out jobs to the unions. It will be like an Olympic village after the games have ended.

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  2. But the thing is that you are pushing your ideology on other people which has nothing to do with capitalism. You also very much want to micromanage who people sleep with and control women’s bodies by inserting government into our private lives. This has nothing to do with “capitalism” but has to do with your narrow religious views. There would be no “capitalism” without government to implement and control capitalism. You’re also very selective with your vision of “capitalism”. Many of your farm neighbors are receiving bailouts from the Trump administration to the tune of 16 billion dollars. This is along with the tax cuts that the richest 1 percent received along with large corporation tax cuts. Those tax cuts made those corporations richer and did not trickle down to anyone else. That sounds like picking and choosing, socialism in sheep’s clothing. A 16 billion dollar bailout makes any moneys given to a entertainment venue seem like chump change.


    1. i’m busy, so readers can reply. Just one question – where did I say a word about who people sleep with other than a casual mention in this story? I’m not controlling women’s bodies – I’m protecting the body inside her. Somebody has to stop the genocide.


    2. How is she pushing her ideology on others Toni? Did she force you to read? Is she making appointments to Bloomington Commissions? Is she in charge of what gets put on City and Town Agendas? Is her website subsidized with tax payer money like WGLT? Does the city pay her for ads on her website? Did she block your comment? Is Tari meeting privately with her to tell her what to report? Please explain what you are talking about?

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    3. I’ve got a few minutes now so I can respond further. This country was FOUNDED on freedom of religion by people who weren’t allowed to practice as they wish in their country. It’s in the first amendment for a reason. I don’t have to believe the same things you do and you don’t have to believe the same things I believe. You do NOT have a right to force anyone to conform to your beliefs.

      Farming is hardly capitalism, I have no idea why they allow government to control much of what they do. You have to ask them, thanks for not claiming I farm. Trickle down is capitalism, obviously it works. Rich people spend money, they employ people and they buy products from people who employ even more people. trickle – trickle- trickle. Corporations don’t pay taxes, they price them into their products making us pay the taxes. You got a tax break directly and another break with lower costs and innovation corporations can now afford because government is taking less of their money.


    4. TonyC – An impressive number of irrelevant tangents and misdirections in such a short post! – Did you take the same class as RC?
      Diane’s point is capitalism is good, regardless of one’s views on abortion, bailouts, gender, guns, immigration, taxes, or whatever else. If you want to discuss those, please post separately and if you remain civil I’m sure someone will engage you.
      “There would be no “capitalism” without government to implement and control capitalism.”? Wrong. Some level of government is needed to minimize fraud, theft, and the like, but capitalism in some form has been the basis of most commerce since the days of “I’ll gladly trade my goat for your sheep.”
      One thing I will address is your mis-comparison of the farm bailout and the arena. If you do the math, $16B works out to roughly $50/person nationally. $50/person for the arena in Bloomington works out to about $4M. The arena has cost roughly 10x that, above and beyond the fact that it has lost money every year since it was built. One can still argue whether or not the bailout was a good thing, but not that it makes local mismanagement insignificant by comparison.


  3. Love this argument. I run a small business, about a dozen employees. I was asked right after the Trump tax plan passed why I thought it was a good idea. These people wanted to know if I believed that any of the tax savings I received would trickle down. 18 months later, I am proud to say business is very good. All employees have gotten at least one raise, some two. I also replaced several older vehicles with newer ones.

    Tony either doesn’t know, or forgot this one important fact. After the tax cuts were enacted, tax receipts received by the government, WENT UP! My employees are paying more taxes on their higher wages, and I paid taxes on the new vehicles and equipment I bought for the company. As we all know, the government doesn’t have an income problem, they have a spending problem.

    Thanks Diane for your defense of the unborn. This argument is always framed as one that infringes the woman’s right to do what she believes is right for her body. Never in the msm, is it framed as protecting the most vulnerable of all. The puppies of a pregnant dog receive more protection and are thought of more highly than that of a human fetus. Very sad!


  4. Diane, I have heard that since marijuana is gonna be legal in IL, that MS-13, Al-Quada, the Crips and the Bloods are all looking to set up shop to sell this vile, dangerous drug. I hope Lord King Mr. President Trump brings in the Army to stop legalization from happening and kills all gang bangers looking to distribute this death plant.

    Pray for our state Diane. No Marijuana Legalization!!!


      1. You can ONLY grow your own IF you have already paid the state of Illinois to buy a medical marijuana card. (Glad I didn’t have to buy a card to buy any other medicine. Hey JB… there is an idea to raise more money to pay off your union thugs. Charge everybody $200 a year to get a card to buy their prescriptions from Walgreens) Everybody else will eventually have to buy their weed from the new mafia run by billionare Pritzker. That is unless they go to their usual source which will be much cheaper than the state run drug dealers.

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      2. I watched an interesting show in which Marcus Lemonis spoke in depth with pot farmers in CA. He spoke with those who have permits as well as those who do not. Very informative. It showcased the business side of pot and the impact it made on the area and drug trade.


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