Where is the District 87 School Board?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I asked District 87 for missing receipts.  Asking is a waste of time – they evidently don’t exist.  One policy I’ve had from the beginning, screw with me and I will post what I have.  I don’t care if the offenders have an explanation, District 87 had a chance to comply and failed.

I’m going to just pick out the most offensive charges from now on.  Below is January 2019.  01-2019

No receipt:


Barry Reilly, nothing stating the purpose or who attended:

(This is likely a holiday event, the previous year charge for $860.95 at Biaggi’s)

Biaggis Reilly

Were amounts “whited” out:


Receipt doesn’t match the charge:


Amazon charges including Sales tax: (there are MANY more with tax)

amazon with tax

amazon with taxs2

Amazon charges with no sales tax:

amazon with no tax

I asked District 87 about paying Sales Tax, this was their response:

Me:   Sales tax is included on many of the receipts.  Does the district have a written policy for people who make purchases for the district?

Response:    The district has a tax i.d. number and sales taxes are generally not paid on purchases.  The only exception to this would be online purchases from those organizations that collect sales tax.

I could posted invoices all day with Sales Tax paid by the District.  They are robbing the kids and making your property taxes higher by paying taxes they don’t owe.  Obviously Amazon has their Tax Exempt Number on file.  Obviously whoever orders items neglected to state they are tax exempt.

Where is the School Board?

Obviously never looking at bills!

Custom Ordering for a Speech Meeting – only $162.66, Sales tax of over $14.  Click to Enlarge:

speech meet

Other questions I asked:

Me:   Peterson bought a lot of domain names and renewed them this year.  It doesn’t appear any of them are being used.  Please explain why they were purchased.

Response:   Uses as domain shortcuts back to D87 resources – these domain names are used.


I asked for missing receipts including this one:

Diane Wolf:  Delta, Hilton Disney World – please include purpose, Holiday Inn – please include purpose


I did not receive the receipts, just this.  I didn’t request receipts for fun!

Assistant Principal attended a conference on Teaching Excellence

I asked for numerous other receipts from the May 2019 credit card statement.  Many were Amazon and food purchases.

I received ZERO.

If you pay District 87 property taxes . . . 

Is the School Board going to keep rubber-stamping everything?

Probably, they work for the District, not for taxpayers.  Contact information:  https://www.district87.org/domain/140

11 thoughts on “Where is the District 87 School Board?

  1. Thanks Diane. Time to make these people accountable. Being on a board etc. is not just a line on your resume. It requires actual participation. Lets see this cleared up and all receipts and expenditures justified.

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  2. These people and this system appears to be completely out-of-control and spending OUR money like a rich drunken frat boys.


  3. $900 just at Biaggis in just ONE visit. Kind of adds NEW meaning to the term “Fat cats”! What can be so darn good that a group of people ALL want to get together at the hog trough and PIG OUT on $900 worth of chow??
    Maybe I’m in the minority, but when I go out to eat, I’m usually hungry and have been working hard and just want to sit, QUIETLY, by myself or with a relative or friend, and enjoy a meal, not sitting around a table passing dishes all the time chatting..
    That’s saved for Thanksgiving, and maybe there too, I’m in the minority…
    Books for the “under privileged” children OR a “Face fest” for the muck-mucks at Biaggis. What’s your take??


    1. For many of their “ilk” this IS their social life – meetings, (where there is usually food) “working lunches” (insert slight chuckle here) and over priced conferences and seminars that are usually led by very boring self important people who are telling them things that they could easily glean from the internet or from books, but that would eliminate the nice free hotel stay, the free food (nearly always provided) and the little mini vacation that they get with the “seminar” or “conference” – These people waste money like mad.


  4. Education is the foundation of a better society. To use monies of a school district
    in an improper or frivolous manner is a grievous sin against humanity and a outright insult to we the people.

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  5. If you have ever met or been in a room with Barry Reilly, it doesn’t take long to discover the man is pretty impressed with himself. Like most school superintendents, thinks the Dr. prefix buys him a lot in life.


  6. This is a case in point why those “other elections” are SO important. Boards of Education, Judicial Retention, County Offices, ALL matter. Around the country, Leftists have become increasingly effective at quietly slipping Social Justice Marxists into these positions “under the radar”. Believe me, they have a “playbook” and they use it! Minor local offices also tend to be the training and recruiting grounds for the leaders of tomorrow. Research the candidates and VOTE!

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    1. 100% correct, and yes, it IS in the playbook. Heavy infiltration of teaching and social services is also in the playbook, has been of primary importance since the early to mid 70s.

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    2. Informed voting is indeed important, but we need more/better candidates – compare the last council elections in Normal vs Bloomington. If you can’t find and support a ‘Stan Nord’ for whatever office(s) you most feel need correcting, try to find and recruit one. If you can’t find and recruit one, strongly consider running yourself. And while winning would be the best outcome for everyone, even losing can be a very fulfilling act and hopefully a powerful statement. And with more experience and support, maybe you can win the next time.

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