Bloomington Council: Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below are some of the items on the agenda for Monday’s City Council meeting:

Bills and Payroll:

LEGAL Contracted  59,280.00  (Springfield law firm)

LEGAL Outside Legal Co 22,519.42

The Council will also approve the payment to me ordered by the judge even though the check has already been cut.

Budget:  Page 113

Remember last year when Renner vetoed the budget because it didn’t balance?  He demanded tax increases and got all of them!  (Gas, Amusement, Utilities)

Evidently that was a bad idea because this year the Council will be asked to approve a budget that DOESN’T balance.  Maybe the bond agencies no longer require savings to support their bond rating.  Is anybody going to ask why spending almost $14,000,000 more than you expect to receive is a good idea?


Solid Waste:

Page 137 – see link above

It’s on the agenda, but it’s a secret.  I wonder if the Addendum is going to be posted prior to the meeting or just handed out to people who show up.  Very transparent!


Resolution #2015:

Page 126 – see link above

The City doesn’t want their money from the bankrupt State cut:

WHEREAS, protecting shared revenues is a core principle of the City and the City Council further supports the restoration of a full 10% share of State Income Tax collection, opposes any diversions of revenue that is collected by the State on behalf of local governments; supports the restoration of previously diverted Corporate Personal Property Replacement Tax and Local Government Fund Tax revenues; and supports full flexibility for municipal officials to spend municipal revenues to benefit communities, including broader discretion for expending Motor Fuel Tax revenues; and

I wonder if the unions know the City of Bloomington wants to get rid of prevailing wage legislation?

WHEREAS, as with the private sector, compensation and benefit decisions involving local government employees are appropriately made by the employer and the State’s laws and regulations must recognize that wages and benefits must balance the interests of the employees, local government employer and the taxpayers; and

WHEREAS, the Governor and General Assembly must avoid approving policies that increase the costs of municipal compensation, benefits, and personnel without providing revenues to offset the financial obligations created by their actions; and

The City had to throw in some comedy:

WHEREAS, City officials believe that a vibrant democracy requires the active participation of an engaged citizenry. Citizens elect their local leaders and have an obligation to hold their leaders accountable. The Open Meetings Act, Freedom of Information Act, and public notification laws are essential accountability mechanisms. However, these laws must be balanced to consider staff obligations, personnel information sensitivities, evolving technology, and occasional abuses of the process by those seeking public information; and

Maybe if Renner and Hales quit all the secret meetings, quit feeding themselves at taxpayer expense, actually posted what will be considered (see above), and allowed aldermen to place items on the agenda (since they supposedly represent the citizens) FOIA request wouldn’t be needed.

4 thoughts on “Bloomington Council: Monday

  1. I think you missed the important part in the wages section. “without providing revenues to offset the financial obligations created by their actions”. In other words, if the unions want a certain wage, we have to raise taxes to cover it.


  2. What in the hell is a vibrant democracy?
    vibrant |ˈvībrənt|
    full of energy and enthusiasm: a vibrant cosmopolitan city.
    • quivering; pulsating: Rose was vibrant with anger.
    • (of color) bright and striking.
    • (of sound) strong or resonating: a vibrant male voice.
    Okay I get it now. We are cosmopolitan now. We’re energetic and enthused about the bright and colorful pulsating objects that makes some people quiver with joy when a strong male voice _____ it up ___ ________,,,ahhh,,,just fill in the blanks,,.
    Excuse me wait a minute. How will this be achieved when there are no strong male voices among the potted plant regime?


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