Will Hales get another raise?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Also received under the Freedom of Information act:

reviewaSo it looks like Hales, Schmidt, Sage, and Renner met to plan David Hales Performance Review.

Sage slobbers on Hales at Council meetings – watch the videos.

Renner made it clear at the Secret meeting resulting in Judy Stearns Open Meetings Act filing that public opposition to Hales will not be tolerated. (http://blnnews.com/2014/06/04/absolute-proof-judy-stearns-was-right/)

Schmidt wanted to ban any aldermen who didn’t turn in a survey on Hales from evaluating him.  (http://blnnews.com/2015/03/27/inside-the-heads-of-potted-plants/)

But this is how the citizens business is conducted in Bloomington.  Everything is in secret, prearranged behind closed doors and taxpayer-funded lunches.

Hales was due for a review in January, but it got sidetracked by discrimination claims against a police officer, Renner’s vile comments on my site, and the budget – not to mention an election.

Last year, with benefits, Hales earned $229,655.  Soon we will know if his worshipers think that’s enough.






7 thoughts on “Will Hales get another raise?

  1. The fleecing of taxpayers will continue. Illinois ranked as the #1 state that people are moving from will continue. State Farm moving out, Country cutting jobs. The future for continued residency is bleak.

  2. Of course the buffoon will get a raise. We live in a town where the mayor gets what the mayor wants. After this election, there is no stopping the agenda of Renner and Hales. We are trying to get the hell out of this town as fast as we can, but its not fast enough.

  3. No doubt he will get a raise now since 3 head bobbers were elected to the council.

    Hales is over paid, it’s as simple as that. Also 2 other assistants for a city this size wasn’t necessary.

    1. I can accept correction although I do believe that it wasn’t too long ago that Illinois was #1. Even so #3 still notes reality that our lawmakers should take notice and change their foolish ways.

  4. Of course he will – it would be very nice to be paid as much as he is to go to lunch, go to meetings and find new ways to spend other people’s money – but, isn’t that pretty much what a “city manager” does? Always remember we are now LIVING Animal farm, not just in Bloomington/Normal, not just in Illinois, but pretty much all over except for a few resisiting pockets dotted around the county – and just like in Animal Farm – the Pigs do the most important work, so they must of course have the best food.

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